last minute Valentines day inspiration and ideas

Valentines day is sadly one of the holidays that gets over looked at my house…
being single I surely don’t celebrate it – I don’t decorate for it – and this year… I will be working out of town for it!
SO I thought I would live vicariously through pinterest and share some of my favorite ideas I found with you!

Please play along and share a link to some of your home decor posts or ideas so I can add them to my Valentines day Pinterest board!

Valentine's Day Garland Playing Card and Knotted Fabric Garland
**For more on the history of playing cards click HERE**



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    Love the pizza!!! I may definitely have to try that! Thanks for sharing.

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    Cute ideas girly!

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    I’m not big on Valentine’s either. I don’t have anything to decorate with even if I wanted to. I’ve been married for almost 20 years and we have teens and craziness so Valentine’s just comes and goes. I pick up chocolate hearts for the kids though.

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