Jo Totes Christmas Giveaway – pick ANY bag

I am so excited to offer this Christmas giveaway from JO TOTES!! For those of you who don’t know about Jo Totes { I mean who doesn’t…but just in case} they are the BEST camera bag around….actually more than a camera bag cause it doubles as a diaper bag or purse as well…and looks NOTHING short of a stylish fashion bag!

I was lucky enough to be sent one of their new “Georgia” bags and I LOVE it! I use it as a laptop bag when I travel if I am not bringing my camera along!

Is this new design not to DIE for?!?! I just llllloooooovvvveee it!

It come in 4 different color styles as well

of course they still have all their original bags…such as the “rose” they are so famous for {which I also have and LOVED using until the Georgia came}

here is another style I really like…THE BETSY….a bit smaller which is nice if you don’t have a ton of lens’ or other things to carry around

Jo Totes is giving away YOUR CHOICE Of camera bag…yup that’s right. ANY BAG you want!

Here’s how YOU can win:

  • 1.) MANDATORY: Leave a comment telling me which bag you will pick from Jo Totes
  • 2.) spread the word via facebook and/or twitter {enter to win ANY bag from @jototes over at @Lovestitched } – one comment for each method {make use you TAG US}
  • 3.) pin a picture from this post letting everyone know about the giveaway
  • 4.) what is your favorite gift you are GIVING this year?


contest ends 12/27/12


  1. 1

    I ♥ the Betsy one.

  2. 2
    brianna dale says:

    My fave is the Georgia Nautical

  3. 3

    I would love the Missy in Mint, I think! I also love the Rose bag, in coral or turquoise…

  4. 4
  5. 5

    I am giving my husband some speakers for his iPad :) Shhh!

  6. 6

    And tweeted too! RE I kind of really want one of these bags ;) Someday I’ll win one!

  7. 7
    Misty Tedesco says:

    The Rose one is the one I would pick! :) Hoping it will be the new home for My Camera :)

  8. 8
  9. 9
    mandy hendrickx says:

    I love the georgia nautical!

  10. 10

    My favorite gift I’m giving this year are letters to my Dad from people he has influenced. One year I did letters from his siblings, one year I did letters from his students, one year I did letters from people that he works with, etc. It’s always the highlight of my year to read all the great things people have to say about him and then to see his reaction when he opens and reads the letters on Christmas Day! ♥ it!

  11. 11
    Misty Tedesco says:

    Tweeted :)

  12. 13
    Misty Tedesco says:
  13. 14
    Misty Tedesco says:
  14. 15
    Misty Tedesco says:

    Favorite gift I’m giving this year is a Coffee maker for my Mom and Dad :)

  15. 16
    Kathie Young says:

    I love the Allison in mustard. They are all great!

  16. 17
    Kathie Young says:

    I am giving photo transfer of a house that is much loved by my family. I’m so excited to give it.

  17. 18

    Oh I love these bags! I like the Missy Mint but I’d get the Missy Black because it is a safe color to go with everything. Thanks so much for the chance. Have a happy holiday.


  18. 19

    I would love to win the Betsy in Teal. So pretty!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  19. 20

    I must have the Betsy in Mustard!

  20. 21
  21. 22
  22. 23

    LOVE the Georgia!

  23. 24

    Favorite gift: My little cousin just made it on to the Olympic Development Team (soccer) here in AZ. Due to some connections, I was able to get him a jersey from RSL’s lead forward, one that was actually worn in the playoffs. :)
    It will just make him go nuts!!!!!

  24. 25

    My favorite gift I’m giving is tickets to see the Rockettes!

  25. 26

    I just pinned to pinterest here:

  26. 27
  27. 28

    Definitely the Gracie in Mint! LOVE!

  28. 29

    I am giving my kids a kindle for Christmas. I think that they will LOVE it!!

  29. 30

    I facebooked this giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance.

  30. 31
  31. 32

    The Noir Tote or the Georgia in Plaid :).

  32. 33

    I am giving my husband something for his iPad that he has refused to buy for himself all year!

  33. 34

    My most favorite gift this year is a shirt from one of my son’s favorite shows. It has a saying on it that we all kid about. Nothing bad but funny. He will love it. Thanks so much for the chance. Happy Holidays!


  34. 35

    Umm I WANT ONE SO BAD! Pick me! :) Ha desperate much? I love the Georgia!

  35. 36

    I tweeted!

  36. 37

    A watch to a certain someone..that he doesn’t know he’s getting. And is going to fliiiip! :)

  37. 38
    hausfrauChelsea says:
  38. 39
    hausfrauChelsea says:

    I would love the Betsy Chocolate bag. Darling.

  39. 40
    hausfrauChelsea says:

    I’m giving my husband a disarticulated skeleton of a quail. I know it sounds weird, but he saw one at the Museum of Natural History and has wanted one for over a year and a half. I finally found one!

  40. 41

    I LOVE the Gracie in Mint!

  41. 42

    I got my sister and her daughter (6 years old) a portrait of themselves – cartoonized (is that a word?) They are going to love it – it is so cool!

  42. 43
    Heather Holt says:

    I love the betsy!

  43. 44
    Heather Holt says:

    I tweeted!

  44. 45

    My goodness if I could I would pick one of each of these bags! Their style is so versatile! It’s like there is one for every occasion. But honestly I would love the mustard betsy. She speaks to my soul and my fashionista heart.

  45. 46
    Heather Holt says:

    I’m making a maxi skirt for my sis :)

  46. 47

    Good lord, how am I supposed to pick just one favorite? I guess it would have to be the Missy in mint! Or the Georgia in nautical ;)

  47. 48

    Favorite gift I’m giving this year is to my cousin – a monogram necklace with her kids initials!

  48. 49

    Gracie mint!

  49. 50
    Kristi Caradonna says:

    My favorite is the Georgia nautical. It’s adorable!

  50. 51

    So hard to choose between the Betsy and the Gracie!

  51. 52
  52. 53

    My favorites gifts this year are the handmade ones (scarf/hat and chef hat/apron for my nieces, handmade/refashioned jewelry for my SIL, and several blankets).

  53. 54

    PLEASE let me win!! *wink* Thank you for the chance! I think I’d pick the Gracie in Magenta:

  54. 55
  55. 56
  56. 57

    I’d pick the Georgia in the blue and white stripes or the Betsy – not sure which!!

  57. 58

    I like the millie betsy and rose! in either teal or purple :)

  58. 59
  59. 60

    I would pick the rose bag!

  60. 61

    I’m giving a few of my custom prints for Christmas and I’m SO excited!

  61. 62

    I shared on FB and tagged both!

  62. 63

    I tweeted and tagged both!

  63. 64
  64. 65

    The favorite gift I’m giving is a scratch off map to my hubby’s brother

  65. 66
  66. 67

    I am excited to give my boys their bean bags this christmas! I hope they are just as excited as i am :)

  67. 68
    Cynthia T. says:

    Oh my! I can see why you are excited about these bags! They are very cute. I really like the Georgia in the Nautical but the Misty in the mint was so pretty as was the mustard colored bag. Thanks for the chance!

  68. 69

    I love the Rose Marigold…I’m having a baby in May and so I would love to use it as camera/diaper bag!

  69. 70

    The favorite gift I am giving is a pair of Bon Jovi concert tickets to my MIL (she rocks!)

  70. 71

    I would totally pick the Georgia Herringbone bag if I won. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. 72

    I love the Georgia in the PLAID

  72. 73

    The favorite gift I am giving is one that I already gave. I gave a sweater I knit for someone. It was made out of some beautiful yarn. If I could have I would have kept for myself because I love the yarn.

  73. 74

    I love the Rose in Coral! Thanks!

  74. 75

    My favorite gift is the Kindle Fire I’m getting for my 3 boys to share:) I think they’ll be thrilled! Thanks!

  75. 76

    LOVE the rose bag! Darling!

  76. 77

    I would choose the Betsey

  77. 78

    I pin’d a picture from this post.

  78. 79

    My favorite gift that I cant wait to be opened is,
    for my daughter a camera
    my oldest son a tent
    my 2nd oldest son a 2pack light saber ( Obi Wan & Darth Maul)
    & my husband a gift card to go eat a t a restaurant he has been dying to try!!1

  79. 80

    I love the Missy!

  80. 81

    Definitely the Betsy! Best gift this year? A Shutterfly photo book of my father in law’s genealogy. Lots of work, but lots of fun! Can’t wait to give it to him!

  81. 82

    I love the Millie Marigold : )

  82. 83

    I love the Gracie in mint!

  83. 84

    My favorite gift I am giving would have to be helping my baby girl make a handprint ornament for her Daddy who is deployed : )

  84. 85

    Best gift would have to be the bikes for my kids or the pic calendars for the parents!

  85. 86

    i pinned about the giveaway : )

  86. 87
  87. 88
  88. 89

    Love the the Georgia Nautical

  89. 90

    My favorite gift to give this year is my 7 year old a new desk she has been wanting for the past few years!!

  90. 91
  91. 92

    I would pick the Gracie in magenta!

  92. 93
  93. 94
  94. 95

    Favorite gift I am giving this year is a tea set to my 3 year old! She is going to be so excited :)

  95. 96

    Shared on Facebook!

  96. 97

    I would choose the Alison bag.

  97. 98

    My favorite gift that I’m giving this year is a big box of homemade cookies for my dad.

  98. 99
    Michelle C says:

    I love the Gracie Teal bag! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  99. 100
    Michelle C says:
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  100. 101
    Michelle C says:

    My favorite gift that I’m giving this year is a personalized cookie jar for my mother in law.
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  101. 102
    Amber lafata says:

    Ummm hello, the Gracie Mint! Love it

  102. 103

    I love the Rose Pewter!

  103. 104

    I have been in love with the Rose Pewter for ages. Would love to own that!

  104. 105

    I tweeted!

  105. 106
  106. 107

    My favorite gift I’m giving is a custom set of handmade Instagram coasters to several family members. I can’t wait to see their faces when they open them!

  107. 108
    Allison K. says:

    I would love any of them! I would choose the Rose in bronze. Thank you so much!

  108. 109
    Allison K. says:
  109. 110
    Allison K. says:

    I pinned the giveaway on Pinterest! Merry Christmas.

  110. 111
    Allison K. says:

    The favorite gift I am giving is to my husband. It may not seem like much to y’all, but he loves the Black Scottie Licorice. It is hard to locate in Charleston. It’s like a hunt trying to find them. I could order them online, but it’s more fun trying to see who may have them in their store.

  111. 112
    Samnang Schultz says:

    I would choose the Georgia Nautical, Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. 113
    Samnang Schultz says:

    My favorite gifts is for my husband, I bought him a TV.

  113. 114

    I’d get the Gracie Butterscotch as soon as it’s back in stock!

  114. 115
  115. 116
  116. 117

    Well, I crocheted 2 hats (for Mom & sister) and a scarf (for Dad). It’s my first year making something for my family so they’re my favorites!

  117. 118

    I love the Georgia bag!

  118. 119

    My favorite gift I’m giving is a jigsaw for my husband :) He loves his tools!

  119. 120

    Oh Georgia is gorgeous! Girlfriend… I have (no joke) LITERALLY been trying to win one of these pretty lil bags for like 2 YEARS!! Lol… my poor twitter account shows it. If I could choose any bag is would def be Miss Betsy in mustard! She & I would be bff’s for sure! My Canon needs a cozy home!

    Thanks for the chance Brittany!

  120. 121

    in love with the georgia nautical!

  121. 122
  122. 123
  123. 124

    I have worked super hard this year with FINALLY following my dreams & starting my own photos biz! It is SUCH a happy dream come true. Thus, this is the 1st year I can actually buy my sweet hubs a nice gift… with my own money. Not having to ask… “honey, can I have some mula to buy you a x-mas present,”… golden!!

    So…. I am buying him a really great manly watch! SOOO excited. xx

  124. 125

    I am a newer photographer who is just starting to do what I LOVE to do.. These bags are amazing! I would go for either the gracie mint or the betsy mustard. All super cute, it’s hard to choose!

  125. 126

    my favorite gift I’m giving this year is to my husband. He’s a chef and I found the company fortheloveofmaps on etsy and got him this awesome map!

  126. 127
  127. 128

    I shared on my fb page too!

  128. 129

    Love the Georgia and Betsy!

  129. 130

    I just pinned the giveaway here:

  130. 131

    My favorite gift I am giving is homemade coasters for each of my family members.

  131. 132
  132. 133

    My favorite is definitely the Georgia nautical. Very stylish!

  133. 134

    I would have such a hard time choosing! I love the Allison and I also really like the Mille. Gorgeous bags!

  134. 135

    I am giving my sister a fun bubble necklace that I think she will love!

  135. 136

    Pinned it! Pinterest name: LaForceBeWithU

  136. 137

    I love the missy in mint!

  137. 138

    I love the Betsy in black or mustard.

  138. 139

    My husband found a stray boxer puppy while walking our dog the other night and I think we’re going to keep him and nurse him back to health. So that is my favorite gift- we’re giving Rocky a forever home!

  139. 140

    I think the Betsy in teal is my favorite. Thanks!

  140. 141

    My favorite gift I’m giving this year is a tote bag I sewed for my mom for her crochet projects – and it’s teal!

  141. 142

    Gracie Butterscotch

  142. 143
  143. 144

    an ipad to my hubby

  144. 145

    Gracie! in hot pink or mint… :)

  145. 146
  146. 147
  147. 148

    The present I like the most so far (I’m not done yet!!) is a calendar for my MIL full of beautiful pictures of my kids ;) I know she’ll love it!

  148. 149
    Ellen Casper says:

    I love the Georgia Nautical!

  149. 150
    Ellen Casper says:
  150. 151
    Ellen Casper says:

    My favorite gift I’m GIVING this year is a GPS to my husband.

  151. 152
    Ellen Casper says:
  152. 153

    I would choose the Gracie Mint bag! So so CUTE!

  153. 154
  154. 155
  155. 156

    My favorite gift I’m giving this year is a white iPAD Mini to my daughter!

  156. 157

    I wooUld loved the Georgia in grey plaid! So cute!!

  157. 158

    I love the Georgia Plaid bag. The colors are great.

  158. 159

    My favorite gift this year= Santa is bringing me and my son beach cruisers! Yay, Mommy and son time here we come.

  159. 160

    i have had my eye on the Rose for a long while now!

  160. 161
  161. 162

    a 2ft dino for my youngest!

  162. 163


    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  163. 164

    I LOVE the Gracie Greige! I also really like the Missy Chocolate and the Georgia Nautical. Such a great giveaway; thanks for hosting! :)

  164. 165

    Favorite gift this year has already been given to the hubs. I sent him and a couple of his friends to the Batman LIVE! show last week, and they LOVED it! The look on his face before and after the show was great. I also am excited to give my girlfriends the clutches with coordinating wallets I made them. After bugging me all year, they will finally have their own on Christmas. :)

  165. 166

    I want the Betsy in either yellow or aqua. :)


  166. 167
  167. 168

    Do I have to share my favorite gift? I have soooo many! I think it would be either the gift I shipped to Germany this week handmade by me, the Christmas card I made from my photography, or the slingshots with angry bird erasers that my husband made for the kids I babysit. It’s just soooo hard to pick one! :)


  168. 169

    I love the Georgia! It’s such a styling bag I would love to carry anywhere and I may just use it as a much cuter baby bag than the giant Mom version I have now–ugh!

  169. 170
  170. 171

    Favorite gift I’m giving–A scrapbook type album I made of my son’s first year to both of his Grandmothers. A lot of time and love went into it!

  171. 172

    I would get the tote noir

  172. 173

    My husband got a coffee bean grinder for Christmas

  173. 174
  174. 175

    I love the Millie in real

  175. 176

    Wow, what a great giveaway, and tough decision. I think I would go with the Georgia or the Betsy. I just got another lens for Christmas and would love to have something to put them all in for my trip to Japan. Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway.

  176. 177

    I love the Betsy!

  177. 178

    Shared at Through the Eyes of the Mrs. Facebook page and tagged both of you lovelies.

  178. 179

    I tweeted it @Jurgita44, and pinned
    Love the Betsy Teal.
    I gave my friend my handmade jewelry. They were surprised and happy.Never seen so many smiles before.:)

  179. 180
    Jessica Mathis says:

    If I won I’d purchase the Betsy Chocolate/Betsy Black OR the Georgia Herringbone!

  180. 181
    Jessica Mathis says:

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was my moms Michael Kors purse she’s been wanting! :)

  181. 182
    Shanna Uptergrove says:

    I absolutey LOVE the Gracie Mint!!!!!
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  182. 183
    Shanna Uptergrove says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway!!!
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  183. 184
    Shanna Uptergrove says:

    My most favorite gift that I gave this year was a gift card to the hubs for a night out! With 4 kids and living 20 minutes away from our only babysitter (my mom), we never get to go out just me and him! And my mom was in the hospital for the last 3 months recovering from hip surgery and infection, she is finally well enough to take on the kids for a few hours for us. Can’t wait!!
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  184. 185
    Shanna Uptergrove says:

    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  185. 186

    I love the Betsy Teal! I have loved their bags for a long time!

  186. 187

    My favorite gift(s) I gave this year were my Blog books I gave to my kids! 280ish pages of pure awesome! I love those!

  187. 188

    i like the Gracie Greige

  188. 189
  189. 190
  190. 191

    the Missy in mint!

  191. 192

    favorite gift giving: equipment for my dad to make fly fishing rods! He is really getting into this new hobby, so I was excited to help him start a new “sector” of it!

  192. 193
    Kathryn Costa says:

    I would choose the Rose in bronze, such beautiful bags!

  193. 194
    Kathryn Costa says:
  194. 195
    Kathryn Costa says:
  195. 196
    Kathryn Costa says:
  196. 197
    Kathryn Costa says:

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was a beautiful box of ornaments that I gave my mother. Thanks so much for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway! Happy New Year!

  197. 198
    Celine Taylor says:

    I love the Gracie in Mint <3

  198. 199
    Celine Taylor says:
  199. 200
    Celine Taylor says:
  200. 201
    Celine Taylor says:

    My favourite gift this year is probably a handmade card I sent to my friend in France <3 I also gave her a vintage pin!

  201. 202
    Elizabeth Wisniewski says:

    I would love the Gracie in Mustard

  202. 203

    I love the Betsy!

  203. 204

    Tweeted @goldiez

  204. 205

    My favorite gift I was giving this year was handmade body lotion bars.

  205. 206

    I love their new Georgia blue striped tote!

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