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February of this year, I made a huge change in my life.  I started to workout and eating right for myself.  It has been a tough 7 months, but extremely rewarding and I have found new hobbies and interests while doing this.  I have lost 65 pounds and have so much more confidence.  Not only is my body changing, but so is my mind.  I am more driven to make every second of my day count where as before, I would watch a lot of TV, eat a bunch of junk and just not be my full potential. This quote definitely speaks to me because of all the change I have made.  Any accomplishment whether it be a goal or something you are wanting to is going to be very hard! I think that is why we do it because we know the challenge will pay off eventually.  I just love this quote even more now that I am accomplishing so amazing for myself.


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    Perfect quote for me! Thank you!

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