DIY scrap wood frame

DIY “Scrap” Wood Frames

Howdy peeps.  I’m back with another super simple, super easy, super chic diy project.
Everybody has an old, outdated picture frame lying around, just begging for a makeover, am I right?  And if you don’t, there are an abundance of them anxiously awaiting purchase at your local thrift store.
This inexpensive project will show you how to turn a run-of-the-mill picture frame into a one-of-a kind conversation piece.
All you need to complete it is:
  • wood shims {available at any home improvement store…around $5 for a bundle of them.}
  • a glue gun/glue sticks
  • a frame of some sort {the wider the frame the better, methinks}
Start by cutting small pieces to fit along the outside edge of the frame


The shims are thin enough that you can simply score them on either side {I used an old serrated knife} and quickly snap them in two.
Apply the cut pieces to the outside edge of the frame.
Continue to haphazardly {emphasis on the haphazardly} glue shims of varying lengths and sizes to the front of the frame, until the original frame is no longer visible.  Try to add interest by varying the depth of layers on the frame.
And that’s all there is to it folks…a little cutting, and some gluing and you end up with this handsome and versatile frame.
 If you aren’t a fan of the natural wood, you could easily paint the frame in a fun, bright color, or give a coat of your favorite stain without compromising any of it’s character.
This technique even works on {yo mama’s…aka. outdated} mirrors.  I just happened to have one lying around.  Fancy that.
…in transition
Ah, yes!  Much better!!!  Welcome to the 2000’s, little mirror.
This project is super versatile.  It’s perfect for any design style and will add an element of warmth to any space in your home.  And you know what’ll make you feel even warmer and fuzzier inside?   The fact that it cost less than five dollars to make it.  Boo-ya!


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    I probably have some of those yomama mirrors! Thanks for sharing and would love it if you shared at Gettin’ Krafty With It this week!

  2. 2

    I definitively have some awful frames in my bathroom
    so thanks for sharing :)

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