a day in paris alone – travel tips

One of the best things about traveling alone is that you can pretty much do anything you want.  You don’t have to be on anyone else’s schedule and you can wander aimlessly for hours and just observe and soak it all in.  One of my favorite cities for traveling alone is Paris.  I have been  there 4 or 5 times.  Since I have already done the main sight seeing trips now my schedule pretty much looks like this…

Pick a fantastic classic book or 3 to read: personal favorites for Paris are Les Miserables, The Count of Monte Cristo, or something really girly and cheesy and romantic {hello Nicholas Sparks}. It’s Paris! 

Start walking in ANY direction. I usually stay at this teeny tiny hotel off of Rue de St. Michel so right or left I cant lose.  And I am on no one’s schedule but my own.
stare at all the fashionable stick figure women and their amazing effortless styles who look far more fabulous than I will ever be,  and somehow manage to walk the city in 5 inch heels.  (no picture I could take would ever do these people justice so look at www.thesartorialist.com

Source: etsy.com via Brittany on Pinterest

Get lost… a lot

Eat Crepes whenever you can find them.  And vow to try every single kind.  (my personal favorite is with apple sauce)

Visit classic museums and stare at classic art (It’s cliché I know but I never get tired of the Louver)


Visit modern museums and stare at a rubber chicken in a coffin and call it art (This museum is amazingly confusing, but I am not a modern art person so I could stare at it all day and just shake my head in confusion) FYI:  The random couch in the middle of the room is not for sitting, it’s art?
Pretend you are a photographer and catch random people in LOVE.   I love that about Paris, people everywhere in Love.  Deep down I’m a hopeless romantic.  (and this picture in front of Notre Dame was actually a total accident.  I almost asked them if they wanted me to send it to them but I thought they would think I was a stalker.)
Sit down in front of the Eiffel tower several different times throughout the day and just marvel that you are there. 
Take 50 million pictures of the Eiffel tower because you are pretending to be a photographer.

Eat another crepe (you walk all day you’ve earned it)

Take pictures of famous graves (contemplate your feelings on whether or not this is disrespectful and then decide to take a picture anyway-RIP Jim Morrison)


Think about going and sitting at a café to read and then become extremely intimidated because you have no idea where to sit and you are scared of the wait staff so instead – Grab a bottle of wine and sit in front of the eiffle tower, again.
Take more pictures, because the first 500 you have are in the day, these are at night.

Sit back, relax and realize you just spent the day wandering the streets of Paris, getting lost in its history, and eating crepes and watching people fall in LOVE.

wondering how YOU can make a trip like this happen? EASY

small steps! those $5 coffee’s from starbucks every morning…those add up to $1300 a year {based on 5 days a week}….those $20 pants you HAD TO HAVE that could have been a bottle of wine in PARIS! every time you go to spend frivolous money put it in a jar and save it for your trip! You will have enough money before you know it!

where are you saving up to go?

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