Photoshop tip: how to swap heads in an image

As a photographer of little children, I have come to LOVE this technique of swapping heads in Photoshop. My goal is to get a perfect picture that the parents will swoon over. Sometimes, it is difficult to get both children to look at the camera AND give a good expression at the same time so this technique is a must-know!

Here are two pictures that I want to merge. As soon as I saw this first picture, I knew it was the perfect shot of this little girl. I just adore her smile! The picture is pretty good on it’s own but I really wanted both brother and sister to be looking at the camera.

This second picture was my favorite of the little boy.

Unfortunately, there was not a picture where they both had a nice expression and were looking at the camera so a head swap is the next step. Here’s how to do it!


I hope this helps. If you have any questions or need any clarification, please ask in the comments!

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    This could be a very useful technique. I’ve read through Photoshop books before, but there’s tons of stuff that I’d never use. Tips like yours are the reason I have Photoshop, to save time and pictures that are good except “that one thing” thanks, Diane

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    I would LOVE to learn what you mean by “adjustment layers”!
    I STRUGGLE w/PSE 8.0, and am grateful for ANY assistance!

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