Sewing room organizing tips

Welcome to my sewing room.  Grab a chair & pour yourself a cup of morning Joe!  It’s cozy in here, so I hope you stay for a bit!

Today I am going to share with you some sewing room tips that will save you time & help keep you organized while you are sewing.

I am a lover of all things organized.  I love to organize things & I am pretty good at time management as well.  If I think I can improve on organization or cut down time on a project & work more efficiently, I try to find a way to do so.


TIP #1
My first tip, is bobbins.  I use to fill my bobbins as needed.  My bobbin would run out, I would unthread my machine so I could use that same spool of thread to fill my bobbin.  Rethread my machine, & pop the newly filled bobbin back in.  Silly right?  It is & once I realized I could & should fill several bobbins at a time, all with the same color thread & have them handy by my machine, I was going to cut down on time!  So I will spend a few extra minutes filling up bobbins with a couple spools of thread.
TIP #2
How many colors of thread do you use?  I use to color coordinate all my threads with my fabric.  I liked it.  But when I am sewing up orders like it’s a production line, I am wasting time switching out threads. Now, I use a whole lot of white thread.


TIP #3
Does your house have one of those shelves with the 9 bins?  Of course my boys had one.  We organized cars, books, figurines, weapons, bouncy balls etc in all the bins.  Eventually, they grew out of it & I realized it was easier to shove it in the toy box & sit on the lid.  As I thought about getting rid of it, it dawned on me that I could use it to organize my sewing stuff….. & there was a lot of it!


TIP #4
Scraps.  Large scraps, small scraps.
To put it simple…. I have lots tons of fabric scraps.
I bought recycling bins from IKEA.  I keep one under my cutting table & as I am cutting the scraps slide right into the bin.  I empty this often & pass the scraps to my talented girlfriends that love to make quilts.
I have a HUGE recycling bin for my larger scraps.  I use these pieces when I need a small piece of fabric, which never seems to happen.  I had an Open House for lil’ alice & people were more than welcome to take all the scraps they wanted.
These are some tried & true tips that work for me.
I’d love to hear what great tips you have that you use on a daily or weekly basis!

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