Spring cleaning your make up drawer


Every Spring, I tear up my house cleaning every inch & crevice of it. I just want my house to be sparkly clean at least ONCE during the year! My friend (we’ll just call her “Jamie” so I don’t call her out) and I were talking about how we clean every room from top to bottom (like the deep, dirty, low-down, toothbrush cleaning kind of stuff) when Spring comes. I was telling her how I’d just cleaned out all my old makeup out of my drawer  – and she was like,”WHAAAT? You throw out old makeup? I just keep mine forever…what if I need it?”

Whoa who whoa. Say whaaaat?  She’s never thrown out old makeup unless she goes through it. I just assumed everyone knew that makeup has a “shelf life.” Just like food. So turns out, a lot of people don’t know that. So I’m here to help ya out, people.

This list is your GO TO when it comes to knowing what/when to throw out your old gross makeup.

it’s spring cleaning for your make up time!!!

I know it’s hard to say goodbye, but be brave, my friends…you can do it.




 So there ya have it, ladies. Get to throwin’ out that old stuff!

Don’t worry..this is a GREAT EXCUSE to go and buy NEW MAKEUP! 


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