Vintage key glass bottle {{tutorial}}

This seriously is the EASIEST tutorial ever…it doesn’t really even need explaining
BUT I will tell you how I did it anyway :) 
I first saw this darling bottle at the antique mart
I loved the dainty glass bottle and vintage keys! 
But for $30 I quickly looked the other way….I Looked right into my grandmas hands where she picked it up and bought it! 
GRANDMA – really? $30 for THAT! I could make one…and It’d probably be cuter! 

so…I guess this is to prove to my grandma that I can make one just as cute for a fraction of the cost – and now you can too!
 Glass bottle 
vintage keys
* I found my vintage keys from
Here and HERE*
1.) cut your twine 
{any length just depends how many times you want to wrap it around the bottle}
2.) Tie the twine to the neck of the bottle
3.) start wrapping the twine, after a few wraps add a key , continue wrapping
4.) when finished wrapping and adding keys tie off the twine in the back
5.) admire your darling new “vintage” key bottles! 

Super fun and cute right?
I really LOVE them all! 

* I will be linking up this tutorial HERE*

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