Tie Onesie tutorial

lil’ tie onesie tutorial

This is a project that’s nothing new, and there are THOUSANDS of tutorials out there but this is how I do mine! And it is always a huge hit at baby showers.  If the bouncy baby boy is going to be born in summer, this is all he will need for those dog days of summer!

First gather your supplies!

You will need:

cotton fabric (scraps), fusible web, onesies or t-shirt, sewing machine, needle and thread.

Next, supply is fusible web.  You want “lite” since it will be on a baby clothing item.  This just makes it softer and not stiff.  This was my first time using this brand & I liked it.  I also like that it’s flat and it slips into a bag.  I have used others that fold and are just flying around loosey goosey in my sewing studio.

Next make your tie pattern.  I take a piece of printer paper, fold it like a hot dog, yep I said it, cut so it looks similar to mine.  The size of the pattern will be different for different size t-shirts.  This is for 3-6 month onesies.

Pin the tie pattern to the fusible web.  Cut.  I use my straight edge ruler seen in the pic and my rotary cutter.  You want it to be precise & hand scissors may not give you perfection.

After you have the fusible web cut out, set that aside and use your pattern to cut out the fabric.  I placed the tie over some of the colors and shapes that I wanted to include on the tie.  This is a lot of fun when you make these with stripes.  It really gives it the effect of a mans tie! 
Place cotton fabric face down, the place fusible web, sticky side, down on the wrong side of the fabric.

Press with a warm iron for about 15-20 seconds.  Peel the paper off .  Please excuse my nasty ironing board cover.  Please raise your hand if yours is as nasty as mine.  I iron everything so I go through them like crazy.  Ahem!

Next, find the middle of the onesie.  I measure from the arms, this is 6.75, so half is 3.25 inches.  Place a dot with a disappearing fabric marker.  That is where the top of the tie (knot) part will go.  I find the middle of the “knot” part by simply folding it in half.  Nothing fancy, just a quick fold.

Iron the knot down first, over the dot at your center mark.  Peel the paper off the tie & place about a half inch below the “knot”.  Center it with the knot and I also center is with the point at the bottom of the tie with the middle snap in the crotch.

Press on low heat, no steam, and hold for 15-20 seconds.

Next it’s time to add the stitch.  I do a zip zag stitch.  You may use whatever stitch you think looks nice.

This is my starting point on the “knot” of the tie.  Make sure your threads are long because I take a needle and thread them through to the inside and tie them off.

Start at the bottom point of the tie & remember to leave your threads long so they can be threaded through and tied off.

While you are making one, make a few more! 

Care instructions:  Do not add fabric softener.  Line Dry.  Press with a warm iron if needed!


{PS- this same tutorial works for any shape…just make a paper template, and then follow the instructions as outlined}


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