Silhouette heat transfer tutorial and discount

Silhouette is having another amazing sale going on right now… You can get their heat transfer material on BOGO or if you need a machine now is a great time to get it at a discount along with the Heat transfer start up kit! But you’ll have to hurry it only is going on a few more days until June 15th!!!

silhouette discount code

use code: LOVESTITCHED at checkout to take advantage of this offer!

if you’ve never used heat transfer material before here is a super quick tutorial to show you how simple it is – the possibilities are endless for this machine and heat transfer materials! I was able to create a unique, one of a kind baby onesie for a friend in less than 15 min!

silhouette heat transfer1

Go online to the silhouette studio and choose the design you want to use {there are thousands of options} for this tutorial I used part of the hot air balloon and part of a heart shape
silhouette heat transfer2

after creating your design and cutting your shape on your heat transfer material {follow the directions as indicated on the box} simple peel the excess away and place your design face down {shiny paper side up} cover with a cloth and iron for 45-60 seconds using pressure
silhouette heat transfer4

Once you have done that peel away the shiny transfer paper and you are left with a darling design! I repeated all the steps again using my heart for a layered look with different colors.
silhouette heat transfer3

and as simple as that your done! You now have a one of a kind unique outfit for your child, event, or as a gift!
silhouette heat transfer5

Don’t forget to click HERE to take advantage of Silhouettes amazing offers they have going on now!
Just use code: LOVESTITCHED to save!


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