Laundry room sign {{tutorial}}

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when I do the laundry and after I pull it out of the washer or dryer I find TONS of chap sticks, coins, markers, gum,trash, you name it falling out of my nice clean laundry!!!

Anyone else have that problem????

well not anymore :)

With the help of my friend SHELLEY over at WONDERFULLY WORDY VINYL I will no longer have the pockets full of STUFF problem…

I introduce you to my NEW….
Cute huh?
So just in case you want one too….
Here’s how : 
– Square piece of wood
– if you want it “framed” then moulding to frame it
*note Home Depot will do ALL the cuts for you*
– Wood Glue and putty
– Nails or screws  to hold it together and two washers to hold the basket
– Paint
– basket
*mine is from IKEA and it was only $1.99 in the kitchen section* 
 DISCLAIMER : I had a bit of an accident over the weekend and was pretty much couch bound so I wasn’t able to do much with this project…99% of this was done by my wonderful Husband!! 
I did paint it and put the vinyl on though ;)
 ok now back to the project….
once you have all your pieces glue the “frame” onto your wood and secure it with nails or screws on each corner
 now fill in all the holes with wood putty
 Now you need to PAINT your wood!
I chose GLIDDEN “deepest aqua” in eggshell for my board
 I also sanded my edges for a little more distressed look…
 Now line up your vinyl on your board…slowly peel of the backing….
* make sure you read the directions that come with your vinyl if you’ve never used it before* 
 place  your basket where you want it to go…
you will need two screws and two washers to hold your basket on
*The washers are so the screw doesn’t go through the metal* 
 and your done :) 
no more finding THINGS in your kids or husbands pockets…now there is a nice little reminder in your laundry room for them to 
before tossing it in the basket! 

 I also found this cute little white plastic bucket at IKEA for only .99 cents and thought is would be cute in there too!

 My vinyl was purchased from : 

*remember : if you make one of these let me know! i LOVE to see your creations using my tutorials!!!*
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