knotted jersey headband tutorial

hey there LOVE STITCHED PEEPS!!  it’s LESLIE from LITTLE MOOKIE back again with another fun tutorial, and while i’m a sewing contributor here, sometimes the best sewing tutes are the ones that involve ZERO SEWING!  am i right? (tell me i’m right, mkay?)

it started while i was cruisin’ around on Pinterest (you can follow me here!) and found this sweet little thing
{source – tangled up on Etsy}

i’ve always wanted to learn how to tie celtic-ish style knots and this one was super cute so i started searching around for a tutorial and found this one.  she used long crochet chains but i don’t crochet.  so i figured, why not UPCYCLE something?  one of my best friends lost 55lbs last year and she gave me all of her clothes (yay for free fabric, eh?!) that no longer fit.  perfect for this!

what you’ll need:
old tshirts – any color, combo (could also use fabric, rope, yarn, etc.)
cutting mat & rotary cutter (plain ‘ol scissors would work just fine too)
glue gun & glue
music (i always work better when i can sing while i work) :)
start by cutting your shirt just under the arms
(you could also start at the bottom – cutting off the band and starting there)
cut two 1″ strips
(i chose to use different colors so you can follow along better, but one color is cute too)
stretch your strips (if using tshirt/jersey material)
just grab and pull tightly
ready to go!
pretend this is rotated to the right… or twist your head to the left so the loop is at the top
make sure the right side is laying OVER the left side with the loop at the top
again with the pretending…
lay your second strip on top of the first with the ends at the top
put the right side of the SECOND piece UNDER the right side of the FIRST piece
you with me on that?  i’ll wait…
ok.  the LEFT side of the second piece goes UNDER the loop of the first
good, you’re doing great!
a little tricky here…
the RIGHT side of the SECOND piece goes OVER the loop of the first, passing UNDER the left side of the second and then over the other side of the loop.
make sense?
and now you’re pretty much done with the knot part!
well done, friends!
not to just tighten things up a bit…
pull on each end GENTLY
getting closer… keep pulling gently…
now to finish the ends… cut the ends evenly.
i picked up the whole thing, placed it on my head and sort of held it where i thought they should end and then cut them
just behind my ears and down a bit.  i like the knot a little off center so one side was longer than the other when i cut them, but do as you wish.
for the ties, i cut two 1×3″ pieces & two 1×10″ pieces
use your glue gun and squish some out on the ends…
place one of the 1×10″ pieces on top
turn it over and squish out some more glue
turn it over and squish out some more glue
repeat on the other side
easy peasy, lemon squeezy!
now you can adore it on your child (or on yourself)
LOTS of different variations for this!!
i made these for my girls for the 4th of July (yay for planning ahead!)
my niece is just a little bitty thing so i made one for her using a single strand (instead of the double that a loop of tshirt makes) and it came out perfectly petite for her!
once you get the knot part down, these happen so quickly so i made a bunch!
there’s a blue/green/white one in there that was a triple strand that i love!
and there you have it!  a sewing tutorial, hold the sewing.  ;)
hope you love it and enjoy it!


Don’t want to make one? You can purchase one from the Tangled Knot  on etsy HERE – currently only $8


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  1. 1

    I am so going to make these! I love the way they look. I hope I can figure it out – ha!

    • 2

      ENJOY! i hope you love them! :) they’re so fun to make once you get the hang of it. :)

      • 3

        I made one of these and loved it!! I haven’t had the time to read all the posts so I don’t know if someone else has thought of this idea. I started thinking about what else you could make these out of, and then, Eureks, how about all those panty hose that I never wear and are just taking up drawer space. I did it a little differently since panty hose arent’ as thick as the material. I used 2 pair of panty hose (contrasting colors) I cut the hose at the top of the leg. Each “strip” became two. I used one color of each leg to make the strip. Did the knots, no problem. Doing it this way gave me enough tails that I decided to braid the ends. I did a simple knot to attach the ends together. I didn’t think that knot would matter since my hair is long and it would be hidden BUT an unexpected surprise awaited me! I cliped the ends close to the knot and it resembled a “rosette”. So, I have a 2 for 1 headband. Thanks for your blog. Yours In Crafty Things. Charlotte

  2. 4

    Love them Leslie!

    • 5

      thanks, Chris!! :) i still need to hit up joanns to find that awesome material… fingers crossed that they have some! ryan and i are thinking his two bosses need aprons to go with their HOTpads i made them for christmas. ;)

  3. 6

    Going to raid my closet and find some old, unwanted t-shirts! Hope I can make some cuteones!!

  4. 8

    Love this!!! Totally going to try it:-)

  5. 9

    Love this! So pretty!

  6. 10
    jan jones says:

    I was so excited to find this! My daughter and I went to look for head/hair bands just the other day, and were not really satisfied with what was out there. I have several old t shirts, and plan on making a few of these RIGHT NOW! They look super simple – I thought there was going to be a lot more braiding involved, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it was only a couple of steps. And the finish looks just as easy. My daughter is already asleep for the night. I will have a wonderful surprise waiting for her tomorrow morning when she wakes up. Thanks for explaining how you did this.

    • 11

      I find that quite often I have that same issue while shopping – I don’t find anything that I LOVE. It can be so frustrating! That’s why I make so many things. :) I hope you and your daughter have fun making and enjoying them together!

  7. 12
    melissa says:

    What a cute idea! I am always looking around for headbands for my daughter. I love how you can leave in like that and it looks great or you can add more to it

  8. 13

    You’re so creative!!

  9. 15
    Ayslinn says:

    I can’t get mine to look as thick as yours. Any suggestions?

    • 16

      Hey Ayslinn! A couple things came to mind that might help troubleshoot… the thickness of your material would make a difference. The ones I used are not sheer at all. Also, I used one continuous loop for each strand, making each one a “double” strand. If yours is a double strand and it’s still not as thick as you’d like, you could add another single or even another double to each strand making each for them either a 3 or 4 strand. I’ve seen these made with big rope and they were fabulous! The last thing I thought of was that maybe you’re pulling too hard while tightening the knot? If you pull it too tightly, the knot gets out of shape and you don’t see it as well. Let me know if none of these are your issue, but I hope maybe one of them will help!! :)

  10. 17
    Barbara Davies says:

    Love it! A fun way to get my Girl Guide unit to do knots.

  11. 18

    would this also work with wider sections of fabric to make a “fuller” headband do you think?

    [more like the one from etsy?]

  12. 20

    love this! super fast and simple (thanks to your rad photo tutorial) and oh-so-soft for the kiddos (and, let’s be honest here, me!)

    I’ve linked to you here:


  13. 21
    Carolyn says:

    I just made a bunch of these!! It’s so easy, and they look amazing in my hair!! Thanks for the directions!! Really loved them, and I will be making more of them for sure!!

  14. 22
    Angela says:

    I love these! Any ideas how I could make these without the ties? My little monster is 16 months and she would have it untied in seconds.

    • 23

      i think maybe you could use an elastic… create a loop that goes around the elastic (the covered kind) and then wrap the ends so it doesn’t come un done. does that make sense? so instead of using a tie, put it through an elastic, and put the end inside where it gets wrapped to cover the glue. then it would be stretchy and you wouldn’t have to worry about re-tying it all the time. :)

  15. 24

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this idea. I skipped the last steps to make the tie end and just kept the tshirt strips long to tie them on the head & they fit perfectly. Didn’t need the glue gun at all. So simple. Thanks for the great idea!

  16. 25

    I am going to Africa next month & have been searching high & low for fabric headbands because i won’t really have the ability to do something with all this hair I have. I just finished making a few of these & I can not wait to sport them while on my trip!! Thank you so much!! :)

  17. 26
  18. 28
    Rachael says:

    Thanks! Super easy and cute! Just made one for my daughter, my t-shirt was very thin so i did 2 2.5in pieces for each side and came out nice and thick like the top picture. My shirt was also a printed fabric and turned out super cute with the different colors. Thanks!

  19. 29
    Janelle says:

    So simple and adorable!! My daughter is going through her closet for old shirts right now to make more! thanks for the easy tutorial!!

  20. 30

    I love this craft!!! It’s so cute and easy!! I’ve made a few for myself and my sisters! <3 I uploaded pics on my facebook with me wearing one! <3 Thank you!!!

  21. 31

    i am possibly the most un-crafty person on earth & i did it!!! :) thank you for the super easy to follow instructions!

  22. 32

    i am probably the most uncrafty person on earth, but i did it! ^^ thank you for the easy to follow step-by-step instructions! :D

  23. 33

    I love the red white and blue ones! These a great. I’ve done this knot with crocheted yarn and braided t-shirts into headbands, but hadn’t thought just to do the simple knot with the t-shirts! I’m ready for making a million of these! Thanks for sharing & I’ll be pinning it!

  24. 34
    StEphanie says:

    I see the ends are just hanging there do you tie them to fit your head and then the rest hang down the back?

  25. 36

    This is awesome! found you on pinterest looking for headbands for my daughter long hair. I think I could even wear this. LOVE IT – Thank you!!

  26. 37
    Brenda Harmer says:

    I sew and had millions of tee shirt scraps but I cannot get it to roll, I am assuming because it is interlock rather than a single knit…also most of my purchased t-shirts must also be interlock because they do not “roll”…do you have any suggestions?

  27. 38
    Caitlin says:

    I have now made a few of these for my little sister, they’re super cute, and so easy to put together. I’ve made one in white, one in blue, and one and purple! Thanks for the idea!

  28. 39

    Just made one today – instead of making ties, I just sewed the ends together and then hot glued the band around the raw edges. too cute! thanks for the tute!

  29. 40

    Can this be a continuous knot? I’d like to have mine continuing, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

  30. 41

    This is great and my girls and I love them! Thanks so much!

  31. 42

    I just thinking this week that I need some headbands and Wa La! I made 2 without leaving my home and I LOVE them. You are a great illustrator, it was fun to read and easy to follow. Here is a challenge….. how can I make two knots in a row? Thanks again.

  32. 43
    SHANIQUA says:


  33. 44
    Gabriela says:

    This is amazing… your explanation it’s very clear! I’m gonna try this! … i’m searching for t-shirts

  34. 45
    Kerryn Elliott says:

    I absolutely love this!! I’ve just cut up a pair of old tie dye tights that got a hole on one side :) I’ve just finished the braid part, is it possible to keep it going though so its braided almost all the way along? how would i do this please? :) tia

  35. 46

    Hi I have a question about the ends. I made one of these for my NewBorn Baby. Do I just tie the ends together? I’m really confused on the “Ends”. It leaves a knot and the long strings hanging out behind her head. If she had long hair it would be covered but its not. Can I please get some help from any of my fellow crafters?

    • 47

      In the tutorial she uses hot glue and strips of fabric to bring the ends together. I fear that wouldn’t hold up for what I need, so I measured where I needed the ends to end, cut them half an inch longer (JUST in case!) and sewed them together. I then took the extra squares of fabric to hide the mass of ends and give it a more finished look. I hope this helps!

  36. 48

    Love it!!! Also I have some twine I want to make some braclets with and this knot looks perfect!!! I will let you know how it goes. =)

  37. 49

    Okay, I’m a textile loving gal and, though I don’t have the head shape to aptly wear headbands, I still had to try my hand at it and on my very first try, I got it!! I have friends who have children that wear headbands, so I’ll be making some for them! Mine didn’t come out quite as “fluffy” as yours, however it could be that I pulled the knot too hard. I can still make out the lovely pattern in the knot, it’s just much smaller than I thought it would be. Thinking maybe next time not pulling so hard or using thicker strips. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial!

  38. 50

    I’m not sure how you wear these. Do you just tie them at the back of your head (sounds bulky),or wrap the ties to the front somehow?

  39. 51

    can you use any kind of stretchy material or just jersey knit?

    • 52

      you can use any material really. it doesn’t even need to be stretchy. but, if it doesn’t have any stretch in it, you’ll have to take that into account. you can still just tie the ends, or you can loop and glue it around a hair elastic to make it a stretch fit headband. :)

  40. 53

    I’m wondering how I can make the braid longer to go more around the band? Anyone accomplished this? Thanks so much for the tute.

  41. 54

    Hey I want to make this, but I thought I would crochet the strips instead of using fabric, can you tell me how long the strips are, so I have a general idea. Thanks for the wonderful idea. :)

  42. 55
    michelle says:

    does one kind of material work better for these headbands?

  43. 56

    Thanks Leslie
    I made this for my 4 month old! Looks so cute and your descriptions are spot on and so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing

  44. 57

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove! So easy!! Thanks so much!

  45. 58

    Just made this with an old tye-dyed shirt and it looks great!! I doubled the material so it was thicker and bigger and my 9 yr. old loves it! Thanks so much!!!

  46. 59

    Just made this for my 9 year old using a tye-dyed shirt. Loved it! Thanks!!!

  47. 60

    I think you should do a youtube video on this! I got a little confused…

  48. 61

    Never mind! I get it! But what if you want more knots? Is that even possible?

  49. 62

    Love it! So easy! Thanks!!!

  50. 63

    I love this! Just made one! Super easy and really neat!

  51. 64
    Mrs. Reinbold says:

    I absolutely LOVE these headbands! I have made 3 out of one strip of fabric, I dont have any old t shirts so I am going to have a feild day at the fabric store tomorrow now that I know how easy they are to make! Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  52. 65
    emily hunter says:

    on the ends are they supposed to be cut off?

  53. 66

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have wanted to figure this knot out forever, but I could never find a step-by-step tutorial that I could actually understand! Gonna make a bunch of these too!!

  54. 67

    Leslie, I love these! They are adorable! I posted a link from my website to here for this great tutorial! Thanks for sharing your awesome idea!

  55. 68

    Hi! I’ve been having a lot of trouble with these. I’ve tried EVERY tutorial out there and i just can’t get it. I’m trying to make a bracelet instead of a headband, so my strands are shorter, but not that short. I don’t know what i am doing wrong! I really want to make this, and I’m getting a little frustrated! :( Any tips?

    • 69

      I just can’t get it. I’ve done everything you said every time! I just don’t know what i’ve done wrong-i’ve tried using longer strips, everything. whats wrong?

  56. 70

    Think I’m going to try this with some old chains from goodwill and make a cute bracelet. Then maybe Ill try the head band with some lace strips or ribbon. Sewing Velcro or better yet buttons on the ends to hold it closed is another idea. Thanks for the idea :)

  57. 71

    I just tried this out and totally loved how it turned out. This was super easy and something that I totally wanted to make. I was looking for hairbands and could not find any, so this was the perfect fix and a great way to get rid of those shirts that you would say that you would wear as pajamas but never Thanks so much for the great, simple, easy idea!!

  58. 72

    Thanks for the tutorial. The picture i love though, is that of your daughter and her teddy. Reminds me of my daughter, almost 5, Amaris and her teddy. Teddy, as he is called, is attached to her hip.

  59. 73

    OMG! I just loved these! I am going to make one this evening! Thanks so much for pinning this!

  60. 74

    i am for sure trying to make this one.. for some reason whenever i buy headbands for myself, they never fit. either they slide or are too big. i am so stocked to try to make some.. :) thanks for sharing..

  61. 75

    Ok….. So I LOVE THESE! Thank you for posting this! I found an old shirt I had in a get ride of pile which was stretchy, a brilliant purple and went to work. Ur tutorial was easy to follow and I did a couple. The first few were to thin (I did 2 at a time) so I did 2 inch thick strips since my fabric was so stretchy. And It came out great. Then I took a couple of the thinner strips and used 2 for each1 u used and it came out fabulous. was

  62. 76

    Can any kind of fabric be used?

  63. 77

    I love this, but I don’t really like the ends when it comes to little ones, I don’t know how safe they would be in terms of getting tangled in them or wrapped around their necks. I read what you said about the elastic,but I am someone who has to have a picture drawn for me. Can you do a tutroial making one with the elastic ends just to show what you mean. I think it might help me and a few others who have commented on here.

  64. 78

    what a cute idea! my mom has lost all her hair due to chemo so i am going to make a few for her in different colors to wear when she goes for her treatments….they will cheer her up i am sure…do you think it would work with WIDER strips?

  65. 79

    Just make one of these! It is so easy and cute, gonna put it on my blog with link to your site, thanks a ton for this! I can see I’ll be making more!

  66. 80

    I have a friend who just had a lil girl who is in the NICU and she is a month old and hasnt seen the outside of the hospital yet…She is a fighter and a princess in our eyes…I havent been able to figure out what I want to give them and I saw your headbands and I was so inspired that I am going to make one and put jewels and a lil crown on it for her! Thank you for sharing your creativity and the idea! I will let you know how it turns out and send you a link to the picture if you would like. Again THANK YOU for giving me the idea for the perfect princess crown for my friends daughter!

  67. 81


  68. 82

    how long do i make each t-shirt strand ???

  69. 83

    Just did this with a black tshirt, it looks amazing. Thanks so much. I’m going to make them for all my friends:-) x

  70. 84

    adorable!! I love this :)

  71. 85
    juliette waldowski says:

    For some reason i can’t get the knot part right when i pull them tighter it just come undone any tips ?

  72. 86

    These are amazing! I made one n 5 minutes!!!!

  73. 87

    This is great. Greetings from Polish

  74. 88

    Really great idea! I lore it and I’ll use it to reuse ole tshirts
    Thank you for the idea!

  75. 89

    I love these. Made my first one in five minutes! Love, love, love. One question I had though is if you tie the straps under your neck and knot them. Did you cut off extra material then? I seem to have a lot. Thanks!

  76. 90

    Thanks for a detailed tutorial. I shared a link to your post on Try it – Like it

  77. 91

    Hey where can I bye Jersey fabric? at basicly any craft store?

    • 92

      I am 64years old and I have made and wear 5 of these headbands. I have a real problem with my head sweating so I used 100% cotton. Actually I bought several bands already made. The fabric was great but too plain for me. I cut them apart and made them work for me. I have short hair, so I can’t hide the band but it does the trick. Thank you so much for your tutorial.

  78. 93

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! I linked up because i did the same for my little cutie!

  79. 94

    Wonderful Tutorial! LOVE it!

    I linked to it on my blog post on the best baby tutorials, here:

    <3 Hannah

  80. 95

    I made some of these, out of t-shirts my client sent me (ssshhh, don’t tell) and I made some out of yarn, too! I found that my braided yarn head wraps sold rather well, I’m hoping these do, too! I used 5 strands per side. Turned out great. I have some ideas to make more out of different mediums. I love the pantyhose idea, I might have to try that. Especially some shimmery/glittery ones. Endless possibilites!

  81. 96

    Ok. looks hard, but i cant wait to try it! i have myself a little babe with lots of hair and i love when i come across these cute little things. heck!, maybe ill even make one for myself :)
    Thank You!!

  82. 97

    I love this and tried it however my knot is soooooo small and not thick like the example… Any hints??? Did I pull it too tight or something?

  83. 98

    Love, love, love this! What a fantastic idea…even for babies.

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial.


  84. 99

    Hope you don’t mind I linked your tutorial to my Facebook page –thanks for sharing. :)

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  86. 101

    What is the size of the shirts you used because I did it and the knot was kinda small. I don’t have huge shirts. What size were the shirts? Thanks

  87. 102

    me and my sister have tried multiple times and we can’t seem to figure it out!! help!

  88. 103
    shantanique says:

    Love them. I’ve made some already. but is there anyway to make the knot longer?

  89. 104

    Are you a teacher? I have followed other tutorials and could not figure them out. I gave up for awhile and just read through yours. Best explanation ever. I mean it. Very good.

  90. 105

    ZOMG I can do this!!! Yippee!

  91. 106

    I absolutely love these! I have seen these on various sites and have always wanted to make one, but never knew just how it easy it was! I just made several and love how they turned out! They are a perfect accessory to make any outfit cute/boho/unique!

  92. 107

    This is amazing!! Super easy tutorial and now I know how to make those amazing knots :)

    If you love hair accessories please check out my blog at

    xoxo, Cat

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  94. 109

    I’ve also done this in a smaller format as a bracelet. You can string beads into the small design and just make sure you have enough stretch left to squeeze it over your hand.

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  96. 111

    excelente idea.. por un lado reutilizamos aquellas viejas prendas y por otro, reducimos el generar basura al planeta, muy práctico, gracias.

  97. 112

    Thanks for this! I was looking for a cute hair thing for my 1 year old daughter, to keep her hair out of her eyes, but that she couldn’t swallow like a little bow or clip. This worked great! I used a couple of my old tee shirts and sewed rather than glued (too lazy to find my glue gun, lol) and had a cute, soft headband in about 15 minutes! And my little girl loves it, too!

  98. 113

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    def. will be making this.
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