knotted jersey headband tutorial

hey there LOVE STITCHED PEEPS!!  it’s LESLIE from LITTLE MOOKIE back again with another fun tutorial, and while i’m a sewing contributor here, sometimes the best sewing tutes are the ones that involve ZERO SEWING!  am i right? (tell me i’m right, mkay?)

it started while i was cruisin’ around on Pinterest (you can follow me here!) and found this sweet little thing
{source – tangled up on Etsy}

i’ve always wanted to learn how to tie celtic-ish style knots and this one was super cute so i started searching around for a tutorial and found this one.  she used long crochet chains but i don’t crochet.  so i figured, why not UPCYCLE something?  one of my best friends lost 55lbs last year and she gave me all of her clothes (yay for free fabric, eh?!) that no longer fit.  perfect for this!

what you’ll need:
old tshirts – any color, combo (could also use fabric, rope, yarn, etc.)
cutting mat & rotary cutter (plain ‘ol scissors would work just fine too)
glue gun & glue
music (i always work better when i can sing while i work) :)
start by cutting your shirt just under the arms
(you could also start at the bottom – cutting off the band and starting there)
cut two 1″ strips
(i chose to use different colors so you can follow along better, but one color is cute too)
stretch your strips (if using tshirt/jersey material)
just grab and pull tightly
ready to go!
pretend this is rotated to the right… or twist your head to the left so the loop is at the top
make sure the right side is laying OVER the left side with the loop at the top
again with the pretending…
lay your second strip on top of the first with the ends at the top
put the right side of the SECOND piece UNDER the right side of the FIRST piece
you with me on that?  i’ll wait…
ok.  the LEFT side of the second piece goes UNDER the loop of the first
good, you’re doing great!
a little tricky here…
the RIGHT side of the SECOND piece goes OVER the loop of the first, passing UNDER the left side of the second and then over the other side of the loop.
make sense?
and now you’re pretty much done with the knot part!
well done, friends!
not to just tighten things up a bit…
pull on each end GENTLY
getting closer… keep pulling gently…
now to finish the ends… cut the ends evenly.
i picked up the whole thing, placed it on my head and sort of held it where i thought they should end and then cut them
just behind my ears and down a bit.  i like the knot a little off center so one side was longer than the other when i cut them, but do as you wish.
for the ties, i cut two 1×3″ pieces & two 1×10″ pieces
use your glue gun and squish some out on the ends…
place one of the 1×10″ pieces on top
turn it over and squish out some more glue
turn it over and squish out some more glue
repeat on the other side
easy peasy, lemon squeezy!
now you can adore it on your child (or on yourself)
LOTS of different variations for this!!
i made these for my girls for the 4th of July (yay for planning ahead!)
my niece is just a little bitty thing so i made one for her using a single strand (instead of the double that a loop of tshirt makes) and it came out perfectly petite for her!
once you get the knot part down, these happen so quickly so i made a bunch!
there’s a blue/green/white one in there that was a triple strand that i love!
and there you have it!  a sewing tutorial, hold the sewing.  ;)
hope you love it and enjoy it!


Don’t want to make one? You can purchase one from the Tangled Knot  on etsy HERE – currently only $8


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