Key hole bow sweater refashion – a tutorial

Hey y’all!  Alida here from Alida Makes today to show you a quick and easy bow sweater refashion.  If you’d like to see more of my refashions, check out my tutorials page!  This refashion is inspired by the pin above, but I wanted a cleaner, less droopy bow.  If you want a droopy bow like in the photo, just double the height of the rectangle.


Full disclosure: while I am going to show you how to alter an existing sweater, I made this one from scratch out of sweater knit.  Isn’t sweater knit the softest, cuddliest fabric on earth?!


(If you’re wondering about the hair, I had extensions in my hair for Halloween, that’s why it’s so long in the photos.  I used my wedding hair, which I keep in my bathroom, and which my husband waves around and calls “weave” every time he sees it.)

Ok, here we go!  First, if you don’t already have a scoop neckline, cut that out to your liking.  




You will also need to tack down the top points of the bow, unless you went for the droopy bow look.  See?  Easy peasy and oh so chic.  If you try this, please let me know!

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