Jcrew knock-off tank top {{tutorial}}

I love browsing online and looking at all the clothes I want but can’t buy.
I fell in love with this tank top from JCREW
along with many other items…but $69.50 for a tank top…get real!!!
so i got to work and made a copy of it for only $8!!!
That’s right $8!!!
I know your dying to make one too…
here’s how:
$6 old navy tank top ( from last year )
$2 in fabric
(click any of the pictures to make them larger and easier to read)
sorry some of them are blurry I had to use my husbands little digital work camera:-( 
** I unpinned and lifted up the bottom of the pleat and placed the “ruffles” down and then re-pinned the pleats**
and that’s it…your done!!
this same method would work on a t-shirt as well!
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