How to Sew Binding {tutorial}

This is a basic tutorial for binding. It’s nothing fancy, but it does add to the item that is being made. In this tutorial I am making a Pillowcase Dress. The binding is under the arm. This gives the outfit a finished look and takes it up a notch. Binding can add interest and more color to a project with binding too!

How to sew Binding :

  • Cut the fabric 2 inches wide. The length with vary on the item that you are binding. Mine for the dress was approx 11 inches long. {be creative here…use a coordinating color to add interest to your piece or match it with the same fabric}
  • With fabric wrong side up, fold over the edge of the fabric about .25 inches. Repeat for the other side.

  • Next is pinning the binding. With the right side of the fabric, in this case the dress, and the right side of the binding, pin it together slightly away from the edge of the fabric.
  • Once it is nicely pinned, set your machine to about a 2, or a tighter stitch. Too stitch this on you want to stitch in the ditch, meaning, stitch along the pressed line
  • Now that you have it stitched down, head back to the ironing board and fold and press it down to the back side of the fabric. Once that fabric is in place, pin it down.
  • The last step is to stitch the back of the binding in place and the way I do this is to sew it down with the visible side up on the machine. You want the side that will be worn on the outside of the garment to be stitched nice and straight
    Now you have attached your binding!!

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