How to patch jeans using lace {a tutorial}

 i hate when a favorite pair of jeans gets ruined by a growing hole, don’t you?
worry no longer!!  I’m here to help ya’ll out with a super cute and quick patch tutorial!!


i’m all for the “holey-tattered-and-torn” look but sometimes those holes get just a liiiiitle too big in a not so flattering spot.
fill that baby in with lace and you’ve got yourself a new, sexy, fun pair of jeans to rock!
 gather some basic supplies:
** jeans in need of a patch or two **
** a bit of lace **
** scrap denim for a stabilizing patch **
(not shown)
** pins **
** scissors **
** machine & thread **
** turn the leg inside out so you’re working on the inside of the leg **
** cut a scrap piece of denim and a piece of lace slightly longer and wider than the hole in the jeans **
if your jeans have stretch to them, like these, using a scrap piece of  denim along with the lace will help minimize the side-to-side stretching of the hole, keeping it from getting bigger.
 ** serge or zig-zag stitch the edges of the DENIM piece to keep from fraying **
** center and pin this over the hole **
 ** pull leg right side out and pin down on top side, removing inside pins so they don’t jam up your feed dogs **
 ** BEING CAREFUL NOT TO SEW THE POCKET, stitch around the edges, close to the fraying edge, but not too close.  i kept mine about 1/8″ from the edge. **
i like the look of the frayed edges, but you can trim them up if you want.
like a hair trim for your jeans.  ;)
 ** again, with the POCKET OUT OF THE WAY, carefully snip a hole in the denim patch **
trust me, you don’t want to cut a big chunk out of your pocket.  i might know that from experience…  ;)
 ** snip, snip, snip away the center section of the patch.  again, close to the stitching line, but not too close. **
be mindful that you don’t get carried away and cut thru your stitching line either.  cause then you have to go back and sew it again.  no bueno, friends.  no bueno.
 okay, so it LOOKS exactly the same as it did in the beginning, but TRUST ME, you’ve made it much stronger and it will be a lot less likely to rip bigger.
 Fray Check is my buddy.  remember how we finished the outer edge of the patch?  well, it will prove difficult to try to do that with the new inside edge we just made but cutting out the middle.
Fray Check to the rescue!!
 ** turn the pant leg inside out again and drag the tip of the Fray Check bottle along the edge until the whole edge has some on it and let dry. **
 ** center and pin your piece of lace, turn leg right side out, and sew around again, just like the denim patch **
WATCH OUT for that sneaky pocket… be sure to pull it completely out of the way before you start sewing
 a good example of what NOT to do… while sewing, stop frequently and reach in to make sure everything is laying nice and flat.
not folded up like this…  my bad.
one patch down!  and onto the next… in a different way.
you decide which will be easier for you
 ** cut your denim and lace patches to fit the hole being fixed **
you don’t need to serge the denim like i did here.  not yet anyway.
 ** stack the patches and serge together to make one patch! **
 ** pin that little piece of awesome in place and sew around the edges just the way you did for the first patch **
 at this point, you could actually be done!
if you wanted to patch your jeans with all the fun, sexiness of lace, but not the sheerness, by all means friends, STOP NOW!  it’s super duper cute and your friends will wonder how they didn’t see that style while shopping.  ;)  just smile and wave.  ;)
if you still want the center cut out, join me below…
 ** pinch the denim, making sure the lace is NOT with it **
see next picture
 ** lace stays out or you’ll cut right thru it and all your work will be for nothing. **
don’t. cut. the. lace!  ;)
 ** back on the denim side, snip off the top of the pinched denim **
 ** it’s hard to see the light blue stitching line, but snip closely (and carefully) to it, creating a “hole” in the denim patch **
 ** use the Fray Check along the edge as before and you’re DUNZO!! **



thanks for following along!!  the possibilities for this are ENDLESS!  colored lace, patterned fabric, colored denim, netting, etc.  you’re only limited by your imagination!!  i’d love for you to leave a link if you do these yourself!!
much love, Leslie
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