Easy gift idea and packaging {tutorial}

Here is the post I did yesterday over at Creation Corner in case you missed it :)

quick and easy gift ideas and packaging!

I’m here today to show you 2 quick and easy gift ideas and packing for a neighbor, hostess, or friend!

for these two gifts you will need a fun bar of soap and a small jewelry item. I used a bar of tea tree soap and a cute pair of pink dahlia earrings.

Supplies needed : scrapbook paper, gift items, piece of fabric, tag, twine, feather

Gift #1 – scented soap

This gift is SO easy…take your bar of scented soap, if it comes in a wrapper remove it. Wrap the soap in your decorative scrapbook paper. Wrap several times in twine, tie off with a bow.

Gift #2 – jewelry item

Take your piece of jewlery and place it in a small box {i purchased this one and the bag at my local paper supply company called xpedex}. Tie the box closed with your piecce of fabric. Add a small feather for texture and color. Place inside the kraft bag. Wrap the bag with twine and secure closed with the clothes pin and tag.

Happy Holidays!


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    Got my bow earrings/necklace in the mail yesterday, I love them! Thanks a bunch!

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    I love this! So creative!

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