DIY tribal pattern sweatshirt – a tutorial

Hey y’all!  Alida here from Alida Makes, and I have a big confession.  I have a slight obsession with the Target clearance racks.  And by slight I mean I CANNOT STAY AWAY FROM THEM.  I found this beauty for $1.63.  WHAT?!  A dolla sixty three???  How could I say no?  So what if it’s not my color and 5 sizes to big?

Wow.  How good do I look?  This thing has been sitting in my sewing room for a good 3 years.  Then I was browsing Pinterest and I finally figured out what to do with it!
(For a tutorial on these BOOTS, go HERE.)
Cut the sweatshirt down to size if it’s too big.  Cut the neckline and either hem it or leave it raw, depending on your preference.
Print this out full-sized on a piece of computer paper.  Fold a piece of freezer paper in half lengthwise and then widthwise and cut out the parts in black.  Use it as a template to cut out the freezer paper.  When you unfold it you should have something like this:
Iron it onto the sweatshirt.  Use a sponge paint brush and stipple the paint onto the sweatshirt.  (To make  coral colored fabric paint I mixed hot pink and yellow.) 
Wait about an hour for it to dry.
Print out the next piece, and repeat the process.  This time I used turquoise fabric paint.
When the paint dries, put a piece of scrap fabric on top of the sweatshirt and press with a hot iron to set the paint.


And that’s it!
take your old clothes and DIY to make them new!
Not bad for $1.63 ;-)

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