DIY – ombre dish towels

Wednesday already? geez it seems like days are going by faster and faster each week! blah… Can’t time just slow down for once!
anyway…After seeing Monday’s post and all the Ombre goodness, you can see why I had the itch to create something using the Ombre technique!
Since I am in the middle of redecorating my family room {which is open to the kitchen} I thought it would be fun to make some Ombre dish towels to have sitting out on the counter in some coordinating colors with the couch pillows.

These were SO easy I am almost embarrassed to write it up as a DIY tutorial but just for fun I will explain it anyway!

 photo cb344ed0-c6ea-4adb-87d6-7aa03a316b4b_zps7dbc62fa.jpg

So here we go…

 photo 866be9df-f456-4337-9011-15e4abedba83_zpsa8e4d080.jpg

You will need :
– flour sack dish towels {min were $1.97 for a two pack at walmart}
– Dye colors of choice
– Pot or bowl for dying

Step one: fill a pot with hot water – add Dye {follow the directions on the bottle for best results}

 photo IMG_6966_zps2da49008.jpg

Step Two: dip the end of your towel into the water – quickly pull it back out and set just the VERY end of it back into the water…let it sit for about 10 min

 photo IMG_6975_zps8877d128.jpg

Step Three: rinse well in warm water – until the water runs clear
{the ends should be the darkest and have the look of it “bleeding” upwards on the towel}

Step Four: Let dry :) told you it was easy peasy!

 photo IMG_6981_zpsb75d981c.jpg


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    Girl these are amazing. Love it!

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