DIY mint jeans

I have been looking for a good pair of mint jeans for a long time! And everytime I found a pair they were either sold out in my size OR way too much money…so the next best thing? Dye them myself :)


These steps are so simple and would work for any color…….
{for best results follow the direction on your dye packet}

grab a pair of white pants that you know you love the fit of…it’s ok if they are a little sheer the dye helps that :)

I used GREEN VERT from TULIP dye {available at hobby lobby}

fill your washer or pot as directed on the packaging…yes I did include the salt to the water as it says to.

I know – it looks really scary…but I promise they will turn out ok!

after letting them soak for desired time drain the water and proceed to wash as normal

I wanted mine light so I only let them soak for 5 -10 min instead of the 30 min

I kinda worried after I saw them in the washer – they looked neon green! great I ruined a perfectly pair of white pants :( BUT after I washed them and dried them they looked PERFECT!

see :)

they even match my mint nail polish perfectly!

and there you have it…easy peasy DIY  MINT jeans! for only $3 more than the cost of the white pants {just think if they were old you have brand new pants for only mere  dollars}

{shoes – forever young, pants -DIY by me, tank – BP nordstrom, top -h&m, necklace – vintage key {gift}, earrings - Love Stitched, watch – micheal kors}

what color would you dye your pants?

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click here to get yours!


  1. 1

    Such a great idea!

    • 2

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  2. 3

    How awesome is this!

  3. 4

    I havent been able to find the perfect pair either! They are either sold out in my size or they dont have mint skinnys at all. I cannot wait to try this. Thanks for making my day great!


  4. 5
    Lindsay Lee says:

    Ok this needs to happen. I have the perfect jeans for this. LOVE YOU!

  5. 6

    I LOVE this outfit! Great job on the pants!

  6. 7

    This is SO cute. I would dye my pants that mint color or a light purple.

  7. 8

    OMG what a great idea, they turned out awesome! I just bought a pair of mint jeans at target yesterday, but I might try this for peach ones. Pinning this post!! and you look great by the way!

    Momma Totally in Love

  8. 9

    So cute! I’m actually about to dye a bunch of jeans that have faded too much, back to darker blue using the same method.


  9. 10

    Okay, I love this idea (I saw it on another blog a few weeks ago too) and I would have tried it, but the problem for me is that I can’t find any white jeans for a good deal either! They are all either sold out of my size or out of my price range. I really want some white jeans (non-dyed) too. And I used to have some and then gave them to my sister and then she gave them to a thrift store – so sad! Anyway… if I ever find cute fitting cheap white jeans I’m going to buy like 5 of them and dye them every color! I already got mint jeans that were way too expensive, but since I had a gift card I only had to spend $13 of my own money, and I wear them so much that they were worth it! Not that you want to know all this, but I shared it anyway! I love your outfit – those shoes are so cute. I love Forever Young shoes!

  10. 12

    Way cute! :o)

  11. 13

    you are such a cutie patootie in your mint pants! i’m terrified of dye, but looks like i might need to try it!

  12. 14

    Great job – they look amazing. I’ll have to give this a try.

  13. 15

    Ok, but where did you BUY your white pants to begin with? I’m looking for a cute pair, and yours look good! I might even have to buy an extra pair, cuz I’m LOVING the mint!!

  14. 16
    Two Thirty Five Designs says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It is all fabulous! I might have to try this ;)

    I would absolutely LOVE to have you link this up on my Casual Friday link up party starting tomorrow, it would be perfect!


  15. 17
    Two Thirty Five Designs says:

    Oh geez, and I am TOTALLY digging your blog!

  16. 18

    Awesome! They turned out great!! I may have to give this a try…thanks for the great tutorial…it’s always nice to give something a try that someone else has done themselves and liked.~
    ~Lisa @ OC

  17. 19

    OMG these are too cute! I really want to try dying my own clothes but I’m always scared I’ll mess them up :-) I have a brand new link party going on and I’d be thrilled if you would share this tutorial over there so everyone can see it!

  18. 21

    They turned out great! Cant wait to try my own!

  19. 22

    Way cute! I have a pair of shorts I have been wanting to dye and I haven’t dared try it, now I might just do it!!

  20. 23

    Did you air dry them? Or put them in the dryer?

  21. 24

    I love how they turned out. I’m going to go bold and dye my pants red. I want a pair of long flared ones but I’m totally unable to find them…soooo, I’ll do it myself. That always seems to work right!?

    • 25

      Just FYI when you dye clothes the thread won’t dye. Doesn’t matter much with light colored clothes but it’s pretty noticeable when the dye is darker. The white thread may not matter, but thought you might like to know.

  22. 26

    Quick question. Did you wash your jeans immediately after dying them? Or let them dry and then washed them?

  23. 27

    i like!! cutie<3

  24. 28

    so cute, it’s awesome! I’m so trying this!

  25. 29


  26. 30


  27. 31

    The color isn’t “green vert” it’s just GREEN. Vert is green in French…

  28. 32

    Great tutorial! Good tips!

  29. 33

    okay, so i like the idea of dying my own jeans.. i got the BEST fitting pair- but i hate the color, so i have decided to dye them. they are distressed- so the knee is all threaded and there are a few other little ‘man made’ holes- will the white threads turn blue also? i am wanting them to stay white so it looks ‘natural’. Thanks!!

  30. 34

    Wow, this article is fastidious, my sister is analyzing these things, therefore I am going to convey her.

  31. 35

    Thanks for making my day!


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