2 DIY NO sew cuffs {a tutorial}

I went to Joanns the other day with my friend and as we wandered up and down the aisles I saw some really fun fabric,trims, and lace…for the first time in a long time I felt the spark to make something! I had seen a fun BOW BRACELET in a store a while back that I loved but it was $30 and I knew I couldn’t spend that…SO why not MAKE ONE! Well of course I bought way too much stuff so I kept going and also made this cute lace cuff as well! So here are my two quick and easy NO SEW {ya} cuffs! Enjoy!


{faux leatherĀ  – glue gun – scissors – hole punch – lace or ribbon}

1.) cut the strip to the length and width that suits your arm

2.) pinch the sides into the middle

3.) glue the center to hold it together

4.) cut another small strip to wrap around the center

5.) put glue on the small strip

6.) wrap it around center of the pinched part

7.) Punch holes at either end of the cuff {it’s a little tough but it will go through it}

8.) thread the lace through each hold

9.) glue the end down to the inside of the cuff along the edge



{trim, faux leather, lace, glue gun, scissors, hair elastic}

1.) cut the leather to size length and width – cut trim to length

2.) glue down trim to leather

3.) glue lace onto trim {I fold the lace over the end and glue down to make clean edges

4.) cut a piece of your hair elastic and glue one end to the bottom of the cuff

5.) using a small piece of the leather cover the end

6.) repeat on the other side


Two easy cuffs that dress up any outfit and took less than 10 min for BOTH! :)

If you make one I would LOVE to see….leave the link in the comment section or email me!

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*the leather and lace cuff was inspired by the Victorian cuff by Little Miss Momma see her tutorial HERE*

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