the roller coaster of life…

Let me start off by saying.. I HATE ROLLER COASTERS! for real…they have never been my thing! I don’t like the anticipation of not know what is coming around each turn {you can blame my controlling OCD habits on this one}, I hate the big drops as my stomach flips into my throat – yuck just don’t like ANY part of it!

And yet everything in life seems to have it’s ups and downs just like a roller coaster ride….EVERYTHING!

Yes even this dress has it’s high and low points ;) hehe

And at times it can be really frustrating. Sometimes I just want life to even out! Sometimes I just want to pretend my life is a movie and everything is amazing and even if it’s not you KNOW it is going to end up perfect – cause Duh it’s a movie!

uuummm and don’t even get me STARTED on my emotions/mood! wow probably the biggest roller coaster of them all. One day I am on cloud nine the next day I am emotional ball of sap and crying while watching Khloe and Lamar? REALLY? yes true story! And NO it is not just one week out of the month people…..what is wrong with me!!!! lol

{Dress : forever 21-  sandals : target – Lace tube top : urban outfitters – Ring : love stitched – necklace: love stitched {coming soon} – watch : michael kors}

or how about the fact that I have started working out but GAINED weight! what? yes for real! ugh…now my goal to lose 5 pounds went to 7 then 8 then back to 7 then up to 9 then back to 7!! aahhh it’s enough to make me scream!

I was telling a friend over the weekend that I will do BLANK or BLANK once life evens out a little…she kinda giggled and told me “good luck” life never evens out! It really made me think…REALLY never? Does it even out and get easier or do we just adapt and accept that life is always going to have it’s ups and downs!

well if that’s the case…how do you figure out how to even it all out so you don’t go crazy while at the top and bottom? are things going to ever change or just stay the same?? I kinda feel lost lately…like I don’t know what is going on with my life. Am I the only one here?

What do you do to help you stay SANE while on this  lovely roller coaster ride we call LIFE?



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    Lindsay Lee says:

    First of all, you look GORGEOUS. That color is amazing on you! I completely feel you on the ups and downs. Sometimes I feel bi polar cause my moods change with the wind. I think its totally normal. Life is never easy. And When one area gets easier, another set of problems arise. OH and YOU loosing weight? NO WAY! You are perfect! Oh and I LOVE that ring! I need to shop Love Stitched. xoxo

  2. 2

    You are totally rockin the love stitched turq. ring. I got a lavendar one at your booth, but now i think i need that color. Next, I’d love to squeeze you! You didn’t answer my email the other day about chatting, but know that I’m a listening ear if you need it. Next, life IS a roller coaster. Honestly, I don’t want to get all churcy on you, but prayer is what keeps me sane. When I worry, stress, get mad, sad, and even extra happy, it’s what keeps me grounded. When life is tough, I pray that I can feel peace–even through the tough parts. It DOES get better–just remember that;)

  3. 3

    Yup – life’s a rollercoaster, so hang on!!! You just need to find something to ground you. For me, its yoga and meditation (and medication. ha ha). For others, its different things.

    And btw…when you start working out, you gain muscle. And muscle weighs more than fat. Measure in inches lost. Not pounds!!!!THe more muscle you have, the more efficient your metabolism will be :)

  4. 4

    Exactly what Karri said about working out and gaining weight. It’s all normal. Plus, you really don’t need to lose any weight at all girl! Life is a wonderful roller coaster ride though and once you get to the end of a (hopefully) very long ride you’ll most likely be very happy to get off. Wow, how philosophical was that? ;)

  5. 5

    You are gorgeous and that is all that matters. That weight? Gah I hate it, it is muscle…keep at it and it will come off. Here for you no matter what. xoxo

  6. 6

    Girl, you are speaking to my heart!! My life/emotions/body/brain/EVERYTHING has felt like a rollercoaster lately…so you’re not alone;) (Oh, and I too cried during Khloe and Lamar this week!!!) How to stay sane? Please let me know if you find out, lol:) I just TRY to be in the now and focus on the things I can control and let go of the things I can’t…just trying to enjoy the process. Usually easier said than done, but I try.

    Now, I LOVE that dress! You look amazing as usual!! Sending love…xoxo

  7. 7

    Love, Love, Love the dress. You look gorgeous. And I pretty much think there is no such thing as a perfect balance or life evening out. Instead I think there are just rhythms to life and we gotta go with them, or drive ourselves nuts!!, Right? ;)

  8. 8

    That dress is so pretty with your coloring. Oh the balance. I SO don’t have it figured out.

  9. 9
    Danyiel J says:

    Oh girl, I am currently riding the worst roller coaster ever and I want off! I do think that life is always some kind of roller coaster ride but there are differences like some have the huge drop, corkscrews, made out of wood, some your feet are hanging free and some you never go upside down and right now I would be happy with one that doesn’t go upside down.

    Love the dress and I, like you, have never been a fan of roller coasters.

  10. 10

    Your dress looks so pretty on you. An long! Mine is not that long on me LOL. I need a Brittany day. Still on for Friday?

  11. 11

    I love your outfit! I really want a high and low dress

    I have had a major roller coaster ride these past couple of months. I have been super upset over some things. Things that I need to handle and things in my marriage. Nothing super serious with the marriage bit but enough to make me aggravated. Then my husband and I had a 3 hour discussion and everything just seemed better.

    And by the way yea…your friend is wise. Life never fully evens out. And never gets easier..but the upside is it’s how you handle it that matters. If you all the sudden force yourself to have a positive attitude then everything seems more positive. It takes some practice but it works! If you wait for life to even out then you might never get to do whatever it is you want to do. You got to just take control and do it! Or at least take steps toward doing it.

  12. 12

    First of all. You made my day stopping by my blog! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and your too pretty. I Don’t know if i will ever figure out the balance, but please let me know if you do! XOXO pretty lady!

  13. 13

    You’re so cute! And NOTHING is wrong with you! You are being who YOU are!

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