it’s time to break up….

oh not you and I, don’t worry ;)

It’s time for me to break up with a few things in my life….especially STRESS!!!!!

I am feeling completely OVERWHELMED at the moment and I feel a purge and cleanse is the only way to make it through it

The only problem is, I don’t know where to begin…. Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed and stressed out but have NO idea how to fix it? I often feel lost and like I am drowning in my own thoughts and emotions.
It doesn’t help that Christmas is only a couple weeks away…what? I added it up –  I have SIX days to get all my shopping done {days that I am not working and have *some* free time}. Ugh…where to even begin with that one!
so for anyone else out there feeling down, overwhelmed or tired….lets help lift each other up.

leave a comment with your favorite quote or saying that may lift our spirits

or maybe just make us smile…or be reminded we aren’t the only ones with a messy house, tons of laundry that needs to be done, dishes in the sink, unfinished crafts laying around, greasy hair….and nothing but diet coke in the fridge. Cause right now – that is TOTALLY me :-/
walk away pics

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