Help! I’m on the “I can’t eat anything diet”

Ok fine that’s not true…But pretty much nothing. As of monday I have to be:






and take ALL these pills twice a day!

Really what am I supposed to eat?? I LIVED on carbs and cheese….The lady at my Dr’s office says to me in her sweetest most up beat voice

” oh you can eat so much still…rice, corn, potatoes, veggies and meat….oh and fruit in moderation”

So your telling me pretty much NOTHING good! ha ha

I only have to be on this “diet” for a month {hopefully} while they figure out some of my allergies and headache problems…..although my grandma has a lot of allergies and she is also Gluten and Dairy free so who knows maybe it will be a permanent thing :(Although I shouldn’t complain…I am generally pretty healthy and don’t have any serious health issues!

So I went out to the store the day before and bought some of the basics and a few extras just to be sure I didn’t starve! I walked away with 4 bags of groceries for $84 WHAT!! I think I might have to starve cause there is no way I can afford $90 a week for ONE person in groceries! it’d be cheaper to eat out!

My first day wasn’t so bad…I bought Gluten Free bagels and made a scrambled egg. The bagels were way more dense than a normal bagel so I could only eat half but overall tasted good :) I did buy VEGAN cream cheese but was too scared to try it! ha

I pretty much have the breakfast items down no problem…it’ s lunch and dinner that’s hard for me! It’s not fun to cook dinner for myself and to be honest I don’t love dinner. I’d rather have a big lunch around 3 or 4 and be good…but that rarely ends up happening.

This for SURE  is going to be a LONG hard month!

So guys…help me out!

suggestion on what to eat that are




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    Go to Jo-Lynne’s blog Musings of a Housewife

    She has a whole category dedicated to Gluten free

    Good luck!

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    I had to start on Pinterest and created a Gluten Free board!
    It has seriously been a lifesaver but eating that way is sooooo hard!

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    Rice noodles are gluten free (and not expensive). You can always make a stir fry…onion, peppers, carrots, meat, soy sauce. And there you have lunch or dinner

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    I have a friend that has almond butter and sugar-free jam/or honey on a corn tortilla. I guess you have to come up with some interesting stuff!

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    It sounds like a Paleo type of eating plan would work great for you. There are a TON of websites with really good Paleo recipes and like the others have said, creating a “Paleo” recipe board in Pinterest has helped me a lot.
    I also follow the blog She is on a VERY similar diet and posts her meal plans and recipes everyday.
    Good Luck!!!

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    Girl I promise, you can eat just as good and you will feel tons better! I’m about 90% gluten free and totally 100% dairy free and believe me its worth it! The headaches go away the tummy issues go away… there is so much bad stuff in those things. Sure you have to substitute a few things out, but once you add them back in and get sick almost immediately then you become aware of what they were doing to your body!

    I would suggest researching recipes for Clean Eating, Paleo or Diabetes Diets! Good Luck xo

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    oh you poor thing! although, i have a few friends who have gone gluten free and feel sooooo much better! they’ve recommended this blog for great recipes that still taste delish: good luck!

  9. 10

    There is lots to eat! This is actually how I eat every day, you can google “paleo” recipes and will find a ton of things to eat. You are going to feel great after a month, no more bloating! :)

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    2 of my family members are gluten-free! Udi’s and Rudi’s are really good brands. Udi’s Muffins are AMAZING! :) Try the Organic “Nature’s Market” Section at Kroger-it stocks a lot of gluten free stuff. Plus they have Lara Bars which are good and g/free! Plus the brand Pamela’s too- they have great brownie mix :)Your local health-food store should have stuff, too. Publix has good GF and Walmart has GF pasta for pretty cheap, and it tastes just like the regular stuff. /Dont be afraid to try GF stuff-you’ll have to figure out what you like and what tastes like cardboard. Trust me, some of it will!! :) Good luck, and hope I helped.

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    I think about you every time I make dinner! You should come over and we’ll come up with a bunch of recipes. It would be a fun challenge :) Plus, I feel like I need to change up how I eat so I’m tempted to do it with you.

  12. 13

    There is actually a ton out there. And that tofutti cream cheese is awesome. It’s always stocked in my fridge.
    Do you like hummus? Rice cakes with hummus or sunbutter/almond butter on them is good and filling.
    I like the Tinkyada brand gf pastas the best. Pinterest is an awesome source for recipes. As is It’s vegan, but her vegan sauces rock. You’d never guess that nuts like raw cashews could make a cream sauce!
    Like others suggested, look at the paleo stuff. Its meat heavy, but if you like meat, it’s really good for you.

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    As many people have mentioned, paleo would be a good way to go for a bit. A great resource is a They have a 30 day challenge that is meant to reset your body and taste buds. Lots of great recipes and such. A few of my other favorite websites are,, and Some good books to check out (try your local library) are “It Starts With Food,” or anything by Robb Wolf. There are also lots of paleo cookbooks out there; “Well Fed,” “Practical Paleo,” “Paleo Comfort Foods,” etc.

    Our favorite simple lunch idea is to wrap some gluten free deli meat in some lettuce. My 6yo daughter likes it with just meat and the lettuce, or with some raisins or dried cranberries, while I like to add shredded carrots, or thin sliced peppers and chopped tomatoes.

    A simple option for a third meal (dinner or supper, whatever you happen to call it) is to cook up some ground meat, sautee a few different veggies, mix them together, add some seasonings and enjoy. Coconut oil is fantastic for cooking up the veggies- adding wonderful flavor and healthy fat. Our favorite seasonings that we add to EVERYTHING is sea salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Where we don’t eat a lot of processed foods, we don’t worry about adding salt to our food. If you eat a lot of processed foods, use the salt sparingly.

    One thing to watch out for is that just eating all the gluten free convenience foods isn’t really all that healthy. Yes, they will be gluten free, but still loaded with lots of things that your body may not need.

    Switching to such a restricted diet seems SO overwhelming at first, but once you realize how much better you feel, it will be so worth it. My 6 year old daughter even notices how much better she feels and will refuse a cookie or ice cream (her FAVORITE food) if she is offered it by a forgetful Gramma.

    Well, that was an awful lot of info. Hope my 12 cents worth helps!

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    I agree completely with the Paleo suggestions! I had to go cold turkey earlier this summer (around May) because we had suspicions about food allergies, other medical complications, blah blah blah.

    And trust me when I say it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I was ALL about my sandwich, pastas, all that good stuff.

    I haven’t had to cut out dairy completely (just a lot) and you know what the best resource I’ve found so far is?

    Marks Daily Apple:

    It is home of the Primal Blueprint (Primal is slightly different than Paleo), but he just wrapped up a major contest for Primal-friend foods (that meet a lot of your requirements, if not all!) and people submitted TONS of videos of recipes that are pretty easy to do!

    There are a lot of great resources there, I hope you can get some inspiration from it!

    <3 The Sparkle Queen

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    Oh, my goodness! You sound like me :( I am going in for formal allergy testing next month, but I have gotten rid of dairy, soda, artificial sweeteners, and am being careful about gluten.

    I just picked up, “Practical Paleo,” at the library and it is REALLY good info. I am planning to buy it for myself. Great charts and help with certain types of food sensitivities and allergies. It might be a good one to check out.

    I am trying to figure out what I am going to do with the recipe section of our site now that my life is in such an overhaul. The past few might be good ones for you and your diet though- ((hugs))

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    Judy Mapston says:

    I have headaches everyday now. I’m 56 and going through peri-menopause. They told me the headaches would get worse but not what I can do for them. I thought about going gluten free to see if that helps. I can’t imagine going dairy free too. I’m seeing my Dr. again today.. UGH>>>

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    Susan Fletcher says:

    I have been wheat free for more than 25 years — actually allergic to wheat and other grasses (like corn). Also allergic to potatoes and tomatoes. If standard allergy tests have shown that you are allergic to grasses, you might be allergic to eating grasses like wheat and corn. Avoiding my allergens has made an enormous difference in my life.

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