a vagabond dream…

VAGABOND : {person} A vagabond is a drifter and an itinerant wanderer who roams wherever they please, following the whim of the moment. Vagabonds may lack residence, a job, and even citizenship. {source}

That is a description of ME…well the alter ego me.

I have these dreams all the time that I am a vagabond, a gypsy, a backpacker. I travel from place to place and see the world. Living out of one bag and a camera in hand to document the whole thing.


I want to see the world…I want no restriction of time…no plans…just get up and go. I wake up feeling energized and youthful and ready to take on the world!

Then reality sets in…maybe this is something I should have done right out of high school, maybe I should have done it after I was divorced, although I do need a partner in crime to go with me. I don’t think I could hack it alone :)

Because the reality is, now I’m married and we have kids and we are grown ups with responsibilities and unless i packed a bag and “ran away” there is no chance of me becoming a vagabond.


I told this to my husband the other day and he just laughed. For a few reasons I’m sure but he said to me ” you would have this idea of going in your head and you’d expect to look like THIS everyday” {pointing to how I was dressed for the day} WELL YES ;) lol why can’t I travel the world and be stylish all at the same time!?

He quickly reminded me that it wouldn’t be fine dining and 5 star hotels along the way.  I giggled with him and the conversation quickly changed. But deep down those things didn’t matter. I still wanted to see the world…even if it was slightly altered from how I perceived it. That’s the fun of it right?

Source: flickr.com via Brittany on Pinterest


There is so much beauty out there and I want to see it all…I want to soak it up one country, state, and city at a time! I want to have an amazing story to tell one day. To meet strangers, try new foods, to do something crazy. I want to be a vagabond.

Source: et-ernity.tumblr.com via Brittany on Pinterest

I know this will never happen, I know it is a fun dream and nothing more…but even if it keeps my spirits alive then the thought alone is worth it right?  The alter ego me can keep on dreaming and imagining…..that maybe just maybe one day I will see the world.


So tell me, what’s YOUR dream?

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