a little sanity – and a winner

Lately I have been SO busy…overwhelmed with everything going on in my life right now.

Remember my little talk about breaking up?

Well I found ONE little guilty pleasure that helps me to unwind and have some *ME* time!

I have been flying out of town every weekend for work lately and the one thing I find that lets me slip away and relax and just take a min for MYSELF is grabbing one of my favorite reads PEOPLE magazine! So yesterday before my flight, I ran over to Smiths and picked up my fav magazine. I was so intrigued by the cover {hello brad pitt – can you belive he is going to be FIFTY??}

i had to dive in and read some of it RIGHT THERE IN THE STORE. Sure I got a couple weird stares {especially when you add getting your pic taken in the aisle WITH the magazine} but it was totally worth it to find out ALL about Brad and Angelina’s wedding…right? And don’t forget about the John Travolta & Olivia Newton John reunion ;) he he

So it may be just a little thing to most….something as simple as adding a magazine to your cart but for me…it give me that moment of sanity, a moment for ME….and I couldn’t do it with out PEOPLE Magazine!

what do you do for “me” time?


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