a few truths…

I find in life, it is often too easy to nit pick ourselves…to think of the bad, notice the bad – not the good. We don’t often praise ourselves or our accomplishments.
I have been struggling with that lately.
I have been picking myself apart
from looks, to clothes, to decision, you name it I have been negative about it. Today I thought I would try to be more positive.

I am going to share with you a few POSITIVE truths about myself….

{this post was inspired by this post by Cjane}
  • I love to help othersI have often been labeled a “giver” I wasn’t sure if I ever believed that until recently…I like to give in all sorts of ways. a little gift to let someone know I was thinking of them or love them, a quick note of endearment. A treat to make someone smile. As of lately, I have been helping a few friends to start etsy shops and have been loving it!
  • I am a total nerd roll your eyes all you want. It’s the truth, but I LOVE it! I may not be a “computer nerd” or a “science nerd” but I am a “goofball nerd”. I am the one singing into the air microphone to my favorite song on the radio, sliding around the house in my socks like tom cruise in that one movie {you know the one}. The nerd that makes funny faces in public just to make someone smile or laugh.
  • I have an open heartstrange way to put it huh? I wasn’t sure how else to describe it. I have the ability to take a child and love it as if it were my own. Not everyone can do that. I took my husbands three children in and never for one second treated them any different than if they were my own flesh and blood. Some people may not believe that, or question it, or think of it as bad, but I love with all my heart, and have the ability to let anyone into it and give them my whole heart back! And I truly love that about myself.
  • I am outgoingI love to be around people, I love to interact with people, I am a total people person! I can start up a conversation with complete strangers, walk into a room full of people I don’t know and make friends, I try to SMILE at everyone!! I am a social butterfly just waiting to spread her wings on the next adventure! 
  • I love  LOVE I am a hopeless romantic. I love the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, I love the dumb perma grin smile love gives you, I cry in ever romantic movie, I believe in happily ever afters, I love to have a full heart, I believe in love, I love to be in LOVE.

what is a positive thing about YOURSELF?

*as a side note – this was harder than I thought. As I was trying to make a list of some truths…it was a much longer easier list to write down the bad and faults and MUCH harder to think of the good. I did lift my spirts for a bit being reminded of the GOOD about myself. I hope you can leave a comment about YOURSELF and lift all of our moods for the day by reading them!

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