Make up 101 – how to apply skincare


People always ask me HOW to apply their skincare in the morning and at night. What comes first? Can I apply this over that? Does the product work better if I apply it a certain way? Do I need a toner? Should my moisturizer have a sunscreen? Etc…

I’m about to answer ALL those pressing questions. Ohhhhh ya. 


STEP 1: CLEANSE/WASH YOUR FACE. A sulfate free cleanser is best and definitely the most gentle on your face (think Cetaphil). 

EXTRA TIP: Try to avoid using HOT strips your face of natural oils & speeds up the aging process. Yikes who wants that? :)

STEP 2: TONE. Some people will say you need to use a toner everyday, but I disagree. Your skin definitely doesn’t need it EVERYday, but every once in a while (like twice a week) I would say to use one. Toners can be super harsh on your skin if used everyday. 

When you do use one, you want to gently pat your face with a cotton pad soaked in the toner. This step is a MUST. It removes anything that your cleanser left behind (especially if you are a heavy-makeup-wearer) and restores your PH Balance. Don’t skip this step, girls! 

STEP 3: TREAT. If you use medication/prescription strength topical treatments for acne, etc..apply those first. Next, anti-wrinkle serum, eye cream or any gel-like products. You want to wait about 5 minutes after you apply these so they can fully penetrate the skin. Then, apply any makeup primer you use. 

EXTRA TIP: You want to apply ALL products in an upward motion. 

STEP 4 &5: MOISTURIZE/SUNSCREEN. Apply your moisturizer (hopefully it has an SPF, but if not you can apply that last in STEP 5). After your sunscreen is applied, you can start putting on your foundation and the rest of your makeup. 

I know it seems like a LOT, and sometimes, I admit…I don’t do every single step every single day. But you only get ONE FACE. It’s seriously NEVER too early to start using anti-wrinkle creams. And if you only decide to do one or two steps…just pleeeeease add sunscreen in there!! It will save your face in the long run, I promise! 

So there you have it…skincare order! Feel free to email me if you have any other questions about skincare — I’m happy to help! 


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