Mini Caramel Apple bites {a tutorial}


Don’t you love the holiday months?

I plan on baking and crafting my way through the rest of year LOL :)

I thought I’d start off the month with a fun

Caramel Apple Tutorial…

My kids L.O.V.E. caramel apples.
They always think they want one when we’re out.
I even made them at home once, and the boys would sneak into the fridge and eat the caramel off the apple, and then put the apple back in the fridge.
They actually really like apples, it’s just that a caramel apple is a lot to manage for a little mouth.

So…we thought we’d try it out this way…

All you need is an apple, a melon baller, butterscotch chips, sticks, and sprinkles.
First, start by scooping out “apple balls” the same way you would scoop out “melon balls”.
Make sure that each piece has some apple peel on it.
Then, stick a craft stick in each apple bite.
Easy, right?
Then dip them in melted butterscotch chips and roll them in sprinkles.
 With the little bit of apple peel showing, it looks like it could be an entire mini-apple.
The perfect size for little mouths :)
You might be wondering if you could dip them in caramel and make a true “caramel apple.”
I wondered too…so I gave it a try.
It doesn’t work.
The juicy side of the apple does not let the caramel stick.
No matter what I tried, the caramel just wouldn’t stick.
It stuck to the apple peel just fine, but not the inside of the apple.
Oh well…I think the butterscotch chips make a cute and yummy substitute!
It may work to dip in in chocolate, let it harden, and then dip it in caramel…