The Shine Project – weekend review


I don’t even know how else to start this post off.

Saturday was AMAZING! I was able to be apart of the first UTAH shine project and loved every second of it! Not only did it feel great to help make other peoples days but I met so many amazing people and made some great new friendships from it!

{Jenna, Me, Ashley, Megan, Elise}

I still feel bad about one thing though….Poor Ashley…comes all the way to Utah to host this amazing shine project service event and it POURS rain the whole time!

BUT tons of people still showed up and supported the Shine Project and stuck it out…rain or shine we were going to spread shine through SLC!

we had a bag full of goodies and a paper with corresponding tasks…we sectioned off into groups and hit SLC! I paired up with Jenna, her mom and sister {umm I love this family! Besides Jenna and I being new besties…her family is so sweet and fun! I want to adopt her mom as my utah mom – LOVE HER}

{Jenna and I}

tasks included some of the following :

Give a homeless person a bag of cookies

{me and freddie the homeless man}

Thank a police officer or fireman for their services

{don’t you worry that Lisa and Courtney went the extra mile and not only gave him the thank you note but escorted him with the umbrella a couple of feet until he felt slightly awkward having a woman hold an umbrella for him and thanked us and RAN off! hehe}

Leave an inspirational note on the sidewalk

Hold the door open for someone

{I think I scared this guy a little…}

Give chocolates to someone who looks like they need them

well I thought that I needed them but I guess this family was more deserving. their poor little girl was not too happy to be dragged through the rain to go shopping and the dad didn’t look to thrilled either. with NO smiles on their faces before they surely are smiling now! {we even gave a treat to their little girl}

I challenge ALL of you to go out and SPREAD SHINE through your city!

the littlest things make the BIGGEST difference. Just by smiling and saying hello to someone you could change their whole day. Hold a door open, give a treat. Don’t know where to start – try the Pass it forward cards!  I promise you will feel SO good when you see that person SMILE!

I am going to try to do/use ONE pass it forward card a week for the WHOLE summer! more info coming on that soon!

{Ashley and I – please ignore the belly roll and awkward smile on my face – I was numb from the cold…ya we will go with that one} hehe



  1. 1

    How fun does this look!? I wanted to come SO SO bad but was moving. BOO! I see some of my cute blog friends in these pictures, I’m glad you had an awesome time!

  2. 2

    Awesome idea!!! I totally want to do this with my kids this summer!!
    Thanks for making the world a bit brighter!!

  3. 3
    Lindsay Lee says:

    SO awesome you got to meet the amazing Ashley. She is such an inspiration to many. You look adorable in ALL these pics!

  4. 4

    This is wonderful! Wish I could have been a part of it! Can’t wait for her to come to Louisiana!

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