salt lake city Shine project

I’m  so excited to be apart of saturdays shine event and to spread the shine in SLC!

Come join us for a day of random acts of kindness.
The event will be based off of the Pass it Forward cards.
We will meet and end at Poplar Grove Park, and will be divided into teams of 4-6 people. You can make your own teams.
Each team will have a list of about 30 scavenger items, and a bag of things that correspond.
For example, let’s say number 1 is: Leave a quarter in a gum ball machine for the next person to enjoy. The bag would have a quarter in it, and a pass it forward card for you to tape on and leave… It would also have things that said, hold a door open for a stranger, leave a place better than you found it, write a note of encouragement and post on a bathroom mirror. Get the gist of it?
We’ll be leaving SHINE all over Salt Lake.Invite your friends and family, church group, or neighbors! it is a great way to not only give back to the community but help out the SHINE project!

Tickets are $10 a person, or $20 for a family. ALL PROCEEDS go to the Shine Scholarship Fund which sends at risk youth to college.
There is still time to Purchase and print out your ticket HERE:



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    Lindsay Lee says:

    Gosh I wish I lived closer. Ive been dying to go to one of these :)

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