Random Acts of Kindness ( RAOK ) – the challenge!

Are you up for a challenge? Yes, YOU… After posting my last two Random Acts Of Kindness {RAOK} stories I thought it would be fun to challenge all of YOU into doing your own little RAOK around your town…either for yourself or include your whole family in on the fun!

I have been absolutely loving being apart of “The Best Part” by Folgers these last few weeks! It has really pushed me to be a better person and the RAOK are starting to just happen with out even thinking about them. Awesome, right? Of course, some of the bigger things take thought and time but little things like smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for an older woman even though I wasn’t going into that store, letting someone go ahead of you at the grocery store since they had a bunch of kids with them and you were in no hurry. THOSE little things can sometimes mean more than the BIG ones. {Although those are always fun too}.

no act of kindness is ever wasted

So my challenge to you is to play along…start by doing a small RAOK and work your way into bigger ones. It’s good for the soul and makes this world a better place if we can all do it! I have put together a couple of ideas on how you can get started…Some are small, some are big, some are a family activity. Either way every little act of kindness makes the world a better place!

  • Make a homeless care package and keep it in your car…when you see someone asking for money on the corner, give them the package filled with toiletries, treats and love.
  • Write “I love you because…” notes in your kids’ lunches every day for a week.
  • Make an advent calendar…each day you pull down a simple RAOK and perform it. I love this idea from “the space between.” She made a Christmas countdown tree so each day through the holidays she would wake up, take that date down and perform her 1 RAOK


  • Bake cookies for your mail carrier and surprise them.
  • Return the shopping cart for a stranger at the grocery store.
  • Send a friend a text with THREE things you admire about them…just out of the blue for no reason.
  • Include the kids… let them come up with ideas and perform them. “The fickle pickle” had such a fun secret agent project for her youth group. One week of RAOK…their mission was to perform RAOK and not let anyone know or find out who did it for them! Great idea to make it FUN as well as rewarding!


  • Leave notes for strangers… a little inspirational quote on their windshield or on a neighbor’s door.
  • Send a card to a family member you don’t see often…everyone loves to get fun mail, right?
  • This blog has a great list of ideas she performed with her family on her birthday.
  • Go through your closet and donate old clothes to a shelter in your neighborhood.
  • Leave extra coupons in the grocery store aisles for the next person coming through.

There are SO many ways we can do small acts of kindness, and you have NO clue how that little thing can change someone’s whole day!

What ideas do you have? How have you performed a RAOK?

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    Fantastic post, Britt! Our family does a marathon day of random acts if kindness each New Year’s Day. It’s become a fantastic way to kick start our year. I will have to be more intentional about including those special moments throughout the year.

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