“contagious” – kindness part two

Do you know what the best part about giving can be? Seeing the ripple effect it can have on everyone around you.

Remember my post my simple acts of kindness I was starting? Well week one went wonderful…I surprised a few people and hopefully made someone’s day. Week two. Even better. Let me tell you a little story…. I was starving and of course had no food in the house. what’s the closest drive thru? I ask myself? Starving by this point. I do a run through of all the places around make a choice and I was on my way.5 min later I was walking in ready to order my $1 chicken sandwich. As I was walking in I notice a mom with a car FULL of little kids she looked frazzled and tired and all the kids were BEGGING for ice cream to go with their meal. “I only have enough for chicken nuggets today” she protests to them. and as you can imagine with a car full of kids under the age of 10 the tears and whining started immediately.

“next time we can get one but mommy doesn’t have enough money this week to get one for everybody. Sorry sweetie I wish I could. I really do”

I try to not make it super obvious that I am listening in on her conversation and I could visible see the sadness in her eyes. I go in and order my dinner and without a hesitation I add on 6 frosty’s and ask the cashier to please give them to the lady that will be coming in the door with 5 small kids. The cashier looks at me puzzled and doesn’t quite understand what I am requesting.

“I want to treat the lady that will be coming in with her kids any min to dessert.” seemed simple enough to me “Can you please hand them to her with her order and let her know that they were already taken care of” Again the girl looked on puzzled. “so you want to buy dessert for a complete stranger?” “yes. yes I do” – the cashier begins to smile and says will do and rings me up for my meal and 6 frosty’s. Just as I am walking out the door the frazzled mom walks in with her 5 kids. 3 of them in tears. I smile to myself knowing that hopefully this one small act of kindness will not only brighter her day but her kids as well.

we rise by lifting others quote

As I am about to get into my car a worker from the restaurant comes out waving to me. I roll down my window worried that maybe something was wrong or I got the wrong order and he hands me a booklet of coupons. good for 5 free frosty’s. “the cashier wanted me to give these to you. She said you made her day by wanting to help out a stranger and wanted to give these to you to use for your own family or to keep spreading the love around”.

wendys coupon

I LOVE IT! The best part? that kindness and good deeds are contagious. All it takes is one small act from one person and if they can pay it forward soon enough the whole world will be making kid gestures for each other. Little did the cashier know what an impact she made on my day by returning the act of kindness. I can not wait to give out these coupons to some more kids or a family in need of a little TLC.

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