Baked southwestern egg rolls

Who else loves Chili’s Southwestern Egg Rolls?
Sometimes Brittany and I will go and split an order of them and then each get a side salad.
I’ve never tried to make them at home, because I don’t like to make fried food very often.  However, I just came across an idea on pinterest for “baked southwestern egg rolls” and I was so excited!
So, to celebrate Saxon’s preschool graduation, we made Chili’s-inspired-baked-southwestern-egg-rolls :)
Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls
2 cans of corn drained
1 can of black beans rinsed and drained
1 can of chopped green chiles
2 cups of fresh spinach chopped
3 green onions chopped
2 cups of Mexican Blend cheese (I use the one from Costco)
1 tsp. ground cumin
1/2 tsp. chili powder
1 tsp. kosher salt
1/2 tsp. fresh ground pepper
1/4 tsp. cayenne
 1 package eggroll wrappers
Just mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl.
Then fill the egg roll wrappers will the mixture.
Wrap them up and seal the edges by dipping your finger in water and running it along the seam.  It will make the egg roll wrapper sticky.
Then spray a baking tray with with cooking spray and place the egg rolls on it seam side down.  Then spray the tops of the egg rolls with cooking spray also.  I used olive oil spray.
Bake at 425 for 15 minutes turning halfway through.
That’s important.  I didn’t turn mine because I was too busy getting ready for graduation, and the bottom was perfectly crispy and the top was still a little too soft.
We had more filling than egg roll wrappers so we put the rest in a bowl and dipped chips in it :)  We also made homemade guacamole and cilantro-lime ranch to dip.
It was sooo good!
It was the perfect on-the-go party food!  We had spider-man plates and root beer to complete the preschool graduation party!

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    Love this! Will be trying this out some night for the Mr. and I. xoxo

  2. 2

    i was thinking about these the other day… i’m TOTALLY making these!! thanks Caitlin!!

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    these look sooooo yummy! I want to make them NOW! haha

  5. 5

    oH mY!!! These will definitely be on my to do list!! These are all I ever eat when I get a chance to go to Chili’s. I just ate lunch, but these just made my tummy grumble, lol!!

    Thank you for sharing. Have a great day.

  6. 6

    Yum! I’m pinning this one for sure. I LOVE me some Chili’s egg rolls! Thanks for sharing!

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    I pinned these a while back and finally got a chance to make them today. Delish!!! Thank you for posting this delicious recipe! As a new homeowner, I love your blog, Brittany!

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