Jersey Weave Sweatshirt DIY

Hello! did you all have a good weekend? we pretty much got snowed in so during nap time I thought
i’d scratch this little diy off my to-do list…

This was the inspiration for this diy. i’ve had it pinned on pinterest for an eternity. so when I came across $3 sweatshirts at wal-mart the other day i felt like it was just meant to be. i resisted grabbing more than two (i am so bad when it comes to good deals) brought them home and gave them both a good wash and dry. the other one is white and i already have something in mind for it…

i had some gray and yellow jersey fabric on hand already. jersey fabric won’t fray on the edges. you can also cut up an old t-shirt and use it. i folded the fabric a few times and cut 4 – 2″ wide strips. they were pretty long and i went back and forth about 3-4 times with each one. i cut off the collar and the cuffs. then i marked my first row of holes with a fabric marker that washes out. make sure to cut teeny tiny holes and keep them about 1/2″ apart. then i just started weaving my fabric strips through the holes. when you come to the end of each row remember to reverse the up and down weaving motion going the other way so that you’re alternating the gray from the sweater and your fabric. as you go down just cut less holes or make your own pattern as you please. when you’re all done turn the sweatshirt inside out, tie all the loose ends together and weave them in. you’re done.


Let me know if you make one too, I’d love to see!

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