how to add elastic to a swimsuit – tutorial

Hi friends, can you believe it’s JUNE! Well this is the perfect tutorial to help adjust some swim shorts that might not fit the kids just right. I bought 3 pairs of these shorts on major clearance last year. Have you ever found such a great deal that you don’t look at the details of the clothing. I did. Once I took the shorts out of the bag and had my son model them for me, he complained they were falling down. Right! Because they are cool board shorts and there’s not any elastic in the waist nor is there a drawstring….just a fake one.
So in my head I figured out a way to put the elastic in without wasting my purchase of 3 pairs. As I was straightening up my sewing room today, I came across 2 more pairs of the same shorts just in a larger size… yeah me! I buy one in every color and in every size my child will eventually wear……if it’s a deal that can’t be passed!

Okay, let’s get started.

• Swim shorts
• Seam ripper
• Elastic, I used ½ inch
• Matching thread
• Sewing machine
• Straight pins
• Safety pin

1. On the sides is a seam, that’s where I started to use the seam ripper to remove the
thread. Remove the thread the goes vertical and horizontal. Remove about 2 or
so inches horizontal so the elastic can be slipped in straight.

2. Once that is done on both sides, measure your elastic, about ½ the length of what
the back measures from side to side.
3. Add a safety pin to the end of elastic to thread it through. On the other end, slip it
into place under the vertical seam and attach it with a straight pin.

4. Once you’ve reached the other side seam, remove safety pin & attach it with
straight pin.

5. Sew vertical side seams & ends of elastic into place. Go over it several times so it
stays in place.

6. After the sides are done, sew the 2 inch opening closed.

It’s that simple! Please leave comments & questions and I will answer them.

Enjoy your summer!

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I am a wife, married 14 years, a mom of two boys, ages 12 & 9. I am a woman after God’s own heart! I started sewing aprons and posting my pics on FB and it ended up turning into a business for me. I love to sew, it’s simply relaxing. [Read more]
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