Frankensti&en and a Mummy {tutorial & Giveaway} – closed

I am honored to be featured on Love Stitched today!  I have admired Brittany’s blog from the beginning and love all of her talented tutorials along with great fashion posts.  She has been so sweet and kind offering advice as I move forward with my blog.  I am so pleased to share with you all my Halloween Block Monster Tutorials – Frankenstein and The Mummy.  Enjoy!
Creating decor using wooden blocks has been all the craze lately.  I have seen different words spelled out using one block per letter, phrases created using several larger blocks and even designs that spread across the blocks.  In our garage, we have several pieces of scrap wood from previous projects so I knew they would be great for a project.  I thought about doing a HALLOWEEN sign using the scraps, but I wanted to try something unique.  While searching pinterest and fellow blogs for ideas, I started noticing Halloween monsters created out of different items – fabric/felt, tape around a juice box to create a mummy, monster decorated cookies, etc.  I thought that Halloween Creatures created out of wood would be a cute addition to any house for the holiday.  After brainstorming and sketching out several different monsters, I started creating.  I made two creatures, The Mummy and Frankenstein, to test out my ideas.  Listed below are the tutorials for both these ghoulish monsters…read on if you dare!

PREP :   Cut two pieces of 6 inch 2X4’s.
Step 2:  Sand both blocks until smooth.
Step 3: Spray the blocks black.


6″ Piece of 2X4
Sand Paper
Black Spray Paint
Cream Acrylic PaintBrown Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush (1 Large and 1 Small)
Tacky Spray
2 Googly Eyes
Step 4A: Once the black paint has dried, paint cream acrylic paint over the entire block.
Step 5A:  Once cream paint has dried, sand the edges to let the black seep through.
Step 6A:  Cut the burlap fabric into 10 strips the length of the fabric, 1″ wide.
Step 7A: Start applying the fabric to the block.  Use the tacky spray on the block and apply 1 strip of fabric at a time.  Wrap the fabric around the block in a criss-cross pattern leaving a spot open for the eyes towards the top.
Step 8A:  Apply the burlap strips so that most of the front is covered.  Once the first layer is on the block, insert the two googly eyes in the opening.
Step 9A:  Glue the remaining strips to the block overlapping the existing fabric.
Step 10A:  Using a small amount of brown acrylic paint, lightly coat the tip of a small paint brush and apply to one edge of each burlap strip on the block, alternating the top edge vs. the bottom edge per each strip.



6″ Piece of 2X4
Sand Paper
Black Spray Paint
English Ivy Green Acrylic Paint
Black Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes (1 large and 1 Small)Pencil

Black Felt
Tacky Spray
2 Googly Eyes
2 – 2″ Length Bolts
Step 4B:  Once the black paint has dried, paint the block with english ivy green from “Plaid”.
Step 5B: When the green paint has dried, sand the block focusing on the edges to let the black seep through.
Step 6B:  Take the black felt and cut two pieces of hair – use a zig-zag pattern to cut alternating lengths.
Step 7B:  Using the tacky spray, attach one of the hair pieces towards the top of the block 1″ down from the top edge.  Glue the second piece over the first aligning it with the top of the block.
Step 8B:  Under the hair, apply the googly eyes to the center of the block.
Step 9B:  Use a pencil to mark the stitches (above left eye) and the mouth.  This will act as your guideline when applying the paint.
Step 10B:  When your sketched lines are to your liking, put black acrylic paint on a small fine tip brush and trace the lines.
Step 11B:  Go over the black paint 2 times to make sure a nice dark color appears.  Use the edge of the brushes tip to create smooth edges on the mouth and stitches.
Step 12B: When the black has dried, apply a small amount of white acrylic paint to the small fine tip brush and create a tooth on the right side of the mouth.
Step 13B:  To apply the bolts, measure 2.5″ from the bottom of the block and 1/2″ from the side to find the placement.
Step 14B:  Using a drill and a 1/4 size drill bit, drill all the way into the side of the block.  Repeat on the other side of the block.

Step 15B:  Take the bolts and using a 9/16 size socket wrench secure them into the holes.
There are so many other variations of other fun creatures that can be created to make this set of two into a set of 4 or even 6.  Make a Witch, a Pumpkin, a Skeleton, or Dracula…the list goes on and on.

here is a full set I made….

 How Lucky were we to have Evanne here with us today and show us how to make these fun 2×4 faces! 
It gets even better though….she is giving away these two ghoulish creatures {mummy and Frankenstein} away to 1 lucky reader!! 
Since Halloween is right around the corner, this giveaway will end Sunday so don’t miss your chance to enter!
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