two holiday looks for less

inspiration picture source
vest from ruche
skirt from h&m
turtleneck from target
shoes from pac sun

inspiration picture source
sweater from target
black pants from asos
boots from nine west
shirt from old navy
trench coat from target
With two holidays pretty much right around the corner I’ve been trying to recreate a few high-end looks with a much lower price tag. Holidays are perfect reasons to dress up a little bit while staying comfortable and warm (depending on what climate you live in).
Most importantly, I strongly believe in always incorporating pieces from my existing wardrobe into new looks. These two looks are so easily put together and you’ll most likely have most of the pieces in your closet already. What a money saver!
So there you have it, two holiday looks for less!
Have you planned out your holiday outfits already? Do you like to stay comfy and cozy or do you step up your game and go for the glitz and glam?
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving :)
Sophie @ The Forge


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