winter blues and a wake up call

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I will be the first to admit it…. I GET THE WINTER BLUES bad. When we have days and days of snow and cold and gray skies and the dumb Utah inversion that sticks around for months…. I get down…REALLY down. and when I get down I start to play the “I wish” game with [Read More]

Love Stitched 2012 winter collection now available

love stitched winter collection

I am SO excited to finally be able to launch my new Love Stitched winter collection to you! for those of you following me on INSTAGRAM {@lovestitched} or FACEBOOK you got this little sneak peak last week!! A lot of these are “one of a kind” or at least very few in stock so be [Read More]

Rice Bag Warmers

Little Birdie Secrets has done it again….Check out this amazing tutorial they did!!! Rice Bag Warmer TutorialSupplies needed: 12″x12″ piece of flannel (or any size you choose) white rice (NOT instant rice!) sewing pins, matching thread & sewing machine 1. Cut your flannel to the desired size. Mine was 12″x12″, which makes for an approx. [Read More]

FOUR Days to go

With FOUR days to gowe have FOUR great last minute gift ideas…._____________________________________Number ONE:Homemade wind chime all you need is an old metal plate or platter string or fishing linebeadsand old forks, spoons, knifes, anything metal- drill holes in plate (one at the top to hang it and a few along the bottom for the “chimes”)- [Read More]