How to patch jeans using lace {a tutorial}

 i hate when a favorite pair of jeans gets ruined by a growing hole, don’t you? worry no longer!!  I’m here to help ya’ll out with a super cute and quick patch tutorial!!   i’m all for the “holey-tattered-and-torn” look but sometimes those holes get just a liiiiitle too big in a not so flattering [Read More]

Family Room Reveal

FINALLY it’s done! After posting the design boards back in February {gulp}that the wonderful Michaela Noelle Designs made up for me,  I finally was able to make my choices and get it done! I LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT!I basically did a mix of the two options! It really brightens up the room and looks [Read More]

how to paint tile floors – a tutorial

Okay! How many of you out there have a room in your house with hideously unattractive floors? Sadly, I have a couple of them. Here’s number one on The World’s Fugliest Floors list. A couple weeks ago, I finally decided I had had enough of the “life sucking” laundry room floors and I decided that [Read More]

Craft Room REVEAL!

Mucinex® has been giving away 10,000 free samples of Mucinex® extended-release bi-layer tablets on their Facebook page. This Thursday at 12:00 PM (noon) EST, they’re giving away another 10,000 samples, and they’ll do it again next Thursday, March 15. Just visit at noon (EST). Free is a great price for tablets that give 12 [Read More]

Jersey Weave Sweatshirt DIY

Hello! did you all have a good weekend? we pretty much got snowed in so during nap time I thought i’d scratch this little diy off my to-do list… Source: via Sophie on Pinterest This was the inspiration for this diy. i’ve had it pinned on pinterest for an eternity. so when I came across $3 [Read More]

family room re-design

I am SO excited! I am just about done with my craft room and moving on to my family room! I seeked the help of the talented Michaela Noelle Designs to come up with TWO amazing story boards for me! She is darling huh? Michaela is a design student and has an amazing eye for [Read More]

Spice up that plain chair

Of course leave it to MARTHA STEWART to think to mod podge chairs! I have seen THESE chairs from IKEA before but thought they were too modern to work in my home…well not after seeing what Martha had done to them! I am in love and can’t wait to try it! Click HERE for Martha’s [Read More]

Spice up a sweater!

You must head over toBlue Cricket Designs to see how they take a plain sweater ….. And turned then into this… LOVE IT!!!!!i can’t wait to try this out! click HERE for the tutorial!!!

the transformation

It all started with THIS old bookcase from my parents house(in trying to move it from the garage to the side of the house…there was an accident and this once sellable bookcase was broken and cracked)me and my husband LOVING do it yourself projects, saw this as an opportunity to snatch it up, fix it [Read More]