DIY Tank Dress tutorial

Hi Lovestitched readers! I’m Caroline and I blog at I’m so excited to be in Brittany’s space today sharing with you one of my most favorite DIYs to date. /// Today we’re going to learn to sew a tank dress that can be the perfect layering piece as we enter into Fall (can you [Read More]

8 darling DIY Onesies

I have so many friends who are either pregnant or just had a baby! I always seem to have a stock of plain onesies in my craft room so I thought I’d put them to good use and make a bunch of darling diy onesies! I searched the web for some of the CUTEST tutorials [Read More]

Big bow tutorial

Hey ya’ll ALIDA  here, Today I’m going to show you how to make this big beautiful bow! This is Bow tutorial is pretty straight forward so I’ll try to let the pictures do the talking, if you have any questions at all please let me know! You will need: Fabric Glue gun Clip of choice You [Read More]

Sewing 101 – a simple pillowcase tutorial

Hello again girlfriends!  I feel as if we are over winter for the season!  March is a fresh of breath air in Michigan!  We had our share of snow days (4 to be exact) & since I work at the school that my youngest son goes to, I get a snow day too.  I love [Read More]

Sewing room organizing tips

Welcome to my sewing room.  Grab a chair & pour yourself a cup of morning Joe!  It’s cozy in here, so I hope you stay for a bit! Today I am going to share with you some sewing room tips that will save you time & help keep you organized while you are sewing. I [Read More]

leather heart elbow patches sweater refashion

Hey y’all!  Today I have a fun project just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Bonus: it looks great all year round.  Don’t you deserve to do some selfish sewing?    Today’s Pinspiration came from ASOS. Source: via Alida on Pinterest Well, partially from ASOS and partially from Philly’s Fabric Row.  If all you’ve ever [Read More]

Key hole bow sweater refashion – a tutorial

Hey y’all!  Alida here from Alida Makes today to show you a quick and easy bow sweater refashion.  If you’d like to see more of my refashions, check out my tutorials page!  This refashion is inspired by the pin above, but I wanted a cleaner, less droopy bow.  If you want a droopy bow like [Read More]

how to clean and maintain your sewing machine

I use to take my machine to a tiny little vacuum repair shop.  The man had a friend that fixed sewing machines.  I would drop it off & pick it up 3 weeks & $85 later.  I did this religiously because my machine usually sounded like a freight train & that’s when I knew it [Read More]

DIY sequin sweater tutorial

Hey y’all!  Alida here from Alida Makes, with a quick, easy New Years outfit idea.  (Or really, any time, because sequins never go out of style!)  If you have a cardigan that needs some spicing up, this is perfect.  And, I know you’re going to ask, it will go through the wash.  As long as [Read More]