chest r desk – 3 in 1 kids furniture

Are you running short of space in your home? I know I am….kids have SO much stuff and it all piles up around the house. The kitchen table becomes a work space, under the bed is storage, and they lay around anywhere they land :) well thanks to the new adorable CHEST R DESK they [Read More]

halloween in the classroom – 5 DIY projects to bring to class

Can you believe Halloween is just NINE days away!!! wow this month has just FLOWN by! I don’t know about you but here in Utah, Most classrooms don’t let you bring in homemade treats for parties or occasions. Which really sucks since there are SO many cute ideas for cupcakes and cake pops and much [Read More]

10 back to school ideas {lunches to parties to breakfast}

Remember how exciting and yet nervous you were to start school? I loved going and getting new school clothes, and a back pack and oh the school supplies {swoon} MY FAVORITE PART and I also remember how special my mom made it…from a big breakfast to special lunches. I LOVED IT! Here are 10 great [Read More]

Free back to school lunch note printables

  My Mom is one of the most thoughtful people on this planet. She was always so good to do little things that really made us feel special and loved. One (of many) things she did was leave us notes in our lunch or backpack-I still get them actually! And it makes me so happy. [Read More]

Halloween in the classroom

Just for fun my little sister decided she wanted to hand out something to each kid in her class for HALLOWEEN…but NOT candy! so we went to TARGET and found these super cute colored “fangs” only $3.99 for 30 of them! we typed upHAVE A ”  FANG-TASTIC”   HALLOWEENand stapled them around each pair of teeth! [Read More]