10 back to school ideas {lunches to parties to breakfast}

Remember how exciting and yet nervous you were to start school? I loved going and getting new school clothes, and a back pack and oh the school supplies {swoon} MY FAVORITE PART and I also remember how special my mom made it…from a big breakfast to special lunches. I LOVED IT! Here are 10 great [Read More]

a look into motherhood {guest post}

I want to introduce to you my best friend, who is also my cousin {i know pretty lucky to have family as a best friend huh?} She is REAL and HONEST and an amazing mother, here is her outlook on motherhood…. Meet Caitlin of Cait+Create and her 3 busy boys…. I LOVE being a mother. [Read More]

my heart is aching

I married a man that had three beautiful amazing son’s… I loved them as if they were my own from day one.  {read this post for more on that}  {April 2006 – a few months into us all living together} I fell in love with them!  It first started out we had them every weekend [Read More]

sometimes things aren’t what they seem

do you know what PARADIGM means? {don’t worry I didn’t either until my friend taught me}  It basically means that we only know an orange is orange because that is what we were taught – if we were told an orange was red all growing up we would believe it was red – get it? [Read More]

fears and worries

Sometimes I want to open up….tell you all something, get your opinion, just be ME but for some reason I have a hard time opening up and being personal and raw and vulnerable.  So today friends, I am stepping out of the comfort zone, I am opening up, I am being raw and truthful and [Read More]