Spring cleaning your make up drawer

  Every Spring, I tear up my house cleaning every inch & crevice of it. I just want my house to be sparkly clean at least ONCE during the year! My friend (we’ll just call her “Jamie” so I don’t call her out) and I were talking about how we clean every room from top [Read More]

Simplify your life with martha stewart – plus a $100 staples gift card

Get organized with Martha Stewart Can you imagine how excited I was when this big box of goodies showed up on my porch from Avery?! There are two things I LOVE *Martha Stewart and Office Supplies* BINGO! Two in one … Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ now has a collection exclusively at Staples for [Read More]

15 wardrobe essentials

Hey everyone, it’s Sophie from The Forge again. How are you all enjoying the summer so far? I am currently visiting family in Germany and while I was packing for this trip a few weeks ago I came up with the idea to do a closet essentials post for you all. We all have items in [Read More]

Summer to do list – free printable

I don’t know about you guys but 80 degrees for more than two days counts as summer to me! It’s been so warm and wonderful here I’m dying to get out and play. So I thought it would be smart to organize all my grand summer plans. There are two sheets you can download to [Read More]

Craft Room REVEAL!

Mucinex® has been giving away 10,000 free samples of Mucinex® extended-release bi-layer tablets on their Facebook page. This Thursday at 12:00 PM (noon) EST, they’re giving away another 10,000 samples, and they’ll do it again next Thursday, March 15. Just visit http://www.facebook.com/mucinex at noon (EST). Free is a great price for tablets that give 12 [Read More]

operation craftroom underway…

I decided my office/craft room was HORRID! beyond that…what’s worse than horrid? I am almost ashamed to show you the before pics…ugh here we go….. aaaahhhh I know! don’t judge me…I moved into this house and just had to start working…so a messy folding table type of room it was! UNTIL….I said enough is enough! [Read More]

any goals for the new year?

most people set MANY goals for the new year! I personally NEVER set new year resolutions….EXCEPT for this year.I actually am making a list….what about you? what’s on your list?If it includes being more ORGANIZED then you need to check outthisadorable mail sorter that BRIGHT AND BLITHE has put together CHECK IT OUT HERE!