How to turn a child’s drawing into fabric

Hey Y’all Alida here from Alida Makes! Today I’m going to show you a project that is so ridiculously easy I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.  I took a drawing by my daughter Charlotte and made it into Fabric using Spoonflower.  Here is the Spoonflower image:  And here is the fabric in [Read More]

boys geometric tshirt tutorial

 Hey Y’all Alida here again from Alida makes…..I am so excited to share this fun BOY tshirt tutorial with you! This is such a fun look, and so easy! You’ll need: Freezer paper Ruler Exacto knife 3 different colors of fabric paint Sponge paint brush Iron First I used my ruler to draw parallel diagonal [Read More]

Silhouette heat transfer tutorial and discount

Silhouette is having another amazing sale going on right now… You can get their heat transfer material on BOGO or if you need a machine now is a great time to get it at a discount along with the Heat transfer start up kit! But you’ll have to hurry it only is going on a [Read More]

DIY – ombre dish towels

Wednesday already? geez it seems like days are going by faster and faster each week! blah… Can’t time just slow down for once! anyway…After seeing Monday’s post and all the Ombre goodness, you can see why I had the itch to create something using the Ombre technique! Since I am in the middle of redecorating [Read More]

how to make a mustache cake

Hello everyone! Mandy here from Baking with Blondie again. I couldn’t wait to share this cake with you this week! The mustache craze is all over the place. I think it started out on the sidelines in photo booth here and there, and then it bled into the rest of the party. So it’s wasn’t [Read More]

vintage step stool makeover

  Hey y’all!  Did your Grandma have this stool in her kitchen?  It’s a Cosco brand stool Circa 1950-something.  My husband brought it home to me from his Grandmother’s house and I fell in love.      Let’s take a good, long look at her.  She has great bones, but you can barely see how [Read More]

Big bow tutorial

Hey ya’ll ALIDA  here, Today I’m going to show you how to make this big beautiful bow! This is Bow tutorial is pretty straight forward so I’ll try to let the pictures do the talking, if you have any questions at all please let me know! You will need: Fabric Glue gun Clip of choice You [Read More]

DIY home decor with oyster shells

Hey y’all!  Alida Makes here with another Pinspiration post.  This time, as you will see, I took a little artistic liberty.   Here is my Pinspiration… And here is my creation!  I know, not even remotely the same thing right?  Well, I was inspired by the juxtaposition of rustic decor and bright colors in my [Read More]

DIY floral pockets

Hey y’all!  It’s me again!  Alida from Alida Makes showing you a fun fashion DIY!  Today I have fun project that is sure to get you in the mood for Summer.  DIY floral pocket jorts!    Wondering what JORTS are? JEAN -SHORTS ;) he he although this would work just as well on a pair [Read More]