emotions and truths

I am trying really hard lately to keep a positive attitude but some days like Tuesday I didn’t shower, stayed in my pajamas, watched 2 lifetime movies and laid in bed ALL DAY I should be happy, and proud of myself for all that I have accomplished…. I have a darling townhouse my health a [Read More]

bragging rights – baby Jagger

I have been totally MIA these past 4-5 days because my sweet little nephew was born on Thursday 7/11/13 Meet baby Jagger…. 6pounds 13 ounces – 20 inches I am one proud Aunt and my heart is just bursting with love for this little guy! more to come soon!

the simple life – my fourth of july

I could not have asked for a more perfect *unplanned – unexpected* fourth of July! A couple hour trip to pick up something turned into an impromptu – two day Fourth of July – back to basics mini vacation! it was PERFECT! Just what I had been needing…. And while I may have spent those [Read More]

Life lessons {John Lennon edition}

The late John Lennon – one of the greatest rock legends and inspirational peacemakers that ever lived. It seems when I am going through hard times one of his “quotes” pops up and it all makes a little bit more sense… Mr Lennon gave us Music that moves us and brings joy and musings on [Read More]

be silly – be happy

A little inspiration for the middle of the week ;) {front and center – me – followed by three of my cousins…circa 1988ish} {source} as you can see not a whole lot has changed…still the same old silly girl 20 plus years later! Be silly – Laugh out Loud – and don’t forget to SMILE [Read More]

Getting my body in shape – the before & win a $1000 spa finder gift card

Summer time is here and we all know what that means….swimsuits! I don’t think that I am ‘fat’ by any means, but I am also not one of those ‘skinny’ girls.  For proof of that you can see my post two years ago.  I have muscle and ‘big bones,’ as my grandma once told me [Read More]

Becoming more vibrant and a $100 visa gift card giveaway

  So, here’s the deal… I have been feeling BLAH lately. Like stuck in a rut, don’t feel good in any clothes, hate my makeup, etc. kind of rut… I hate when I feel like this! Do you ever have days like that? It comes and goes and normally I can snap out of it [Read More]

weekend happenings

I was finally home on a weekend – and a long weekend for that! Just a little peek into my weekend and what I have been up to! I’ve been having a hard time lately… just burnt out – over emotional – lonely – you know! Thank goodness my friend Lori had the weekend off [Read More]

music and coffee – my morning routine

  I was recently asked by Folgers to talk about their Jingle Contest and as much as music is apart of my life and morning I thought I would share how every morning music and coffee get me going…..   I LOVE my morning routine…. it goes the same way just about everyday and it [Read More]