how to transition your makeup from summer to fall

Yup. It’s officially Fall (I felt Fall creep right up my shorts today when I got out of my warm bed this morning! Hehe.) This is my fave season – have I mentioned I love Fall, yet?! I’m loving going to Nordstrom & Target right now. Not only for the warm clothes (yes, please)..but for [Read More]

6 fall beauty trends

I know, I know….FALL already? It feels like Summer just started. As much as I love me some Summer, I love Fall even more though. The colors, the leaves, the warm sweaters, the hot drinks…it is definitely MY Season. I wanted to share with you guys some Fall Makeup Trends that will ACTUALLY be easy [Read More]

make up 101: the best makeup for your eye color

  I am one of those people who can never ever go out of the house without something on my eyes. I live for eyeliners, shadows, primers & mascara. I am always trying on new colors…some of which look good…and some of which are complete failures. It wasn’t until I became a makeup artist, that [Read More]

5 ways to get naturally glowing skin

I am just gonna throw this out there – sometimes I loaaaathe my skin. It breaks out constantly (and I just turned 29), it looks blotchy all the time, it’s super sensitive to EVERYthing, and to top it all off – I have scars left over from the acne of my teenage years. How rude! [Read More]

summer makeup in 7 simple steps

  Awwww…Summer. How I love thee. Beaches, swimming, being outside all day, picnics. Love it ALL. Most of all, I love that I can get a (ahem) tan (ok so I always do a spray tan – who am I kidding?!), making my skin so glowy & almost flawless. Almost. During the Summer, you want [Read More]

Spring cleaning your make up drawer

  Every Spring, I tear up my house cleaning every inch & crevice of it. I just want my house to be sparkly clean at least ONCE during the year! My friend (we’ll just call her “Jamie” so I don’t call her out) and I were talking about how we clean every room from top [Read More]

Bright lips and sun kissed cheeks – summer make up looks

So we all know how popular NEON and NUDE have been this season…. but did you know the trend goes into MAKE UP for summer as well? There are two make up looks I am loving for summer…. BRIGHT lips and SUN KISSED cheeks! wear them together or rock them all on their own…. branch [Read More]

Top 5 must have spring lipsticks

Happy Spring! Can’t you just feel the happiness in the air? I can’t wait to pull out all of my Spring makeup and go to town on my face! A while back, I did a huge┬áBEAUTY BONANZA POLL, where a ton of bloggers voted on their favorite products. Lipsticks were by FAR the most controversial, [Read More]

10 health and beauty tips using coconut oil

I have a new obsession with coconut oil! I know it’s nothing new and many of you probably already use it but besides it’s obvious uses here are some others that are good to know…. 1.) HAIR MASK A DIY hair mask with kitchen ingredients to help condition and restore dry hair. {Recipe found HERE} [Read More]