#MyKindOfHoliday a target gift guide and giveaway

This post is brought to you by Target, but all opinions and content are my own – cause I really am obsessed with Target. Follow along with #MyKindOfHoliday or #MKOH Can you believe it is less than TWO WEEKS until Christmas! I have been so behind this year on making sure all my holiday shopping [Read More]

Random Acts of Kindness ( RAOK ) – the challenge!

Are you up for a challenge? Yes, YOU… After posting my last two Random Acts Of Kindness {RAOK} stories I thought it would be fun to challenge all of YOU into doing your own little RAOK around your town…either for yourself or include your whole family in on the fun! I have been absolutely loving being [Read More]

life lessons from a Disney movie?!

Yes you read that right. I have learned some great life lessons all from a PIXAR movie. Sounds funny huh? But it’s true. So a while back, I took my nephews to go see Monsters University when it came out in theaters and although I am normally entertained and enjoy Disney movies it’s not much [Read More]

free printable – inspirational watercolor quote

February of this year, I made a huge change in my life.  I started to workout and eating right for myself.  It has been a tough 7 months, but extremely rewarding and I have found new hobbies and interests while doing this.  I have lost 65 pounds and have so much more confidence.  Not only [Read More]

Five Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint in Your Home

Five Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint in Your Home Chalkboards sound so… yesterday; however, these classroom staples have been reborn with the advent of paint that replicates the smooth, slate-like appearance of this old favorite. So what does this mean for you? If you have children (and particularly if you homeschool them), the options [Read More]

8 darling DIY Onesies

I have so many friends who are either pregnant or just had a baby! I always seem to have a stock of plain onesies in my craft room so I thought I’d put them to good use and make a bunch of darling diy onesies! I searched the web for some of the CUTEST tutorials [Read More]

DIY business cards – make your cards stand out

I have been looking in to getting new business cards made up, I start by have my amazing blog & graphic designer Shay do the design work for me and then send them over to Vistaprint to get printed {Coupons for Vistaprint}. However, this time around I want them to really stand out…. to be [Read More]

Life lessons {John Lennon edition}

The late John Lennon – one of the greatest rock legends and inspirational peacemakers that ever lived. It seems when I am going through hard times one of his “quotes” pops up and it all makes a little bit more sense… Mr Lennon gave us Music that moves us and brings joy and musings on [Read More]

be silly – be happy

A little inspiration for the middle of the week ;) {front and center – me – followed by three of my cousins…circa 1988ish} {source} as you can see not a whole lot has changed…still the same old silly girl 20 plus years later! Be silly – Laugh out Loud – and don’t forget to SMILE [Read More]