Gluten Free Challenges and how Pizza hut can help

*** THIS CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED! NO FURTHER COMMENTS WILL COUNT TOWARDS THE GIFT CARDS** So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I know. But if I am going to break the silence it’s going to be about something important. So let’s talk about it. GLUTEN FREE. As some of you remember, I went [Read More]

How Jimmy Dean saves me every week!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Jimmy Dean, but as always all my opinions are my own and I only brag about products I truly love and use. #pmedia #RedboxBreakfast As most of you probably know, I travel a ton for my Job. I [Read More]

5 ways to get naturally glowing skin

I am just gonna throw this out there – sometimes I loaaaathe my skin. It breaks out constantly (and I just turned 29), it looks blotchy all the time, it’s super sensitive to EVERYthing, and to top it all off – I have scars left over from the acne of my teenage years. How rude! [Read More]

Getting my body in shape – the before & win a $1000 spa finder gift card

Summer time is here and we all know what that means….swimsuits! I don’t think that I am ‘fat’ by any means, but I am also not one of those ‘skinny’ girls.  For proof of that you can see my post two years ago.  I have muscle and ‘big bones,’ as my grandma once told me [Read More]

10 Delicious recipes using coconut oil

To continue on from last weeks post of 10 health and beauty tips using Coconut oil.…This week I bring you 10 MUST TRY mouth watering delicious recipes using coconut oil!! I would love to see any ideas you have using coconut oil so link up in the comment section! 1.) Whole Wheat Banana Bread with [Read More]

Light Spinach Dip Recipe

I LOVE spinach dip…or spinach and artichoke dip, or any variation really But MOST of them are made with tons of Mayo and sour cream and cream cheese, etc So I found a dip recipe I really liked and tweaked it a bit to make it a little “lighter” Here’s what you will need: The [Read More]

Healthy eating habits for kids and a $1000 visa gift card giveaway!!!

Healthy Eating habits for kids One of the hardest things is to get your kids to eat healthy! To make sure they get all their fruits and veggies…ESPECIALLY if you have a picky eater on your hands! Start with what they already know…MY kids LOVE juice. Especially Capri Suns. We always have them in our [Read More]

Italian cooking tips and homemade gnocchi {a recipe}

We love Italian food at my house! My husband lived in Italy for 2 years and is very picky about how Italian food needs to be prepared. Here’s some secrets that I’ve learned to make yummy Italian food: {Source} 1.   Use good quality ingredients.  The only brand of pasta that we buy is Barilla.  [Read More]

Free Printable – Kitchen conversions chart

Baking in the summer can be a chore-the kitchen gets hot fast! At least in my house. So anything to help speed up the process is great in my eyes. So I whipped up a little conversion chart for you (and me!) to have handy. Stick it in your cabinet or frame it where it’s easily [Read More]